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Doctor of Education


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Dr Jeremy Pagram


This Portfolio aims to examine the problems of acclimatisation and coping strategies of such foreign students. A sample of tweleve students was chosen from Chinese students studying at one private educational institution in Singapore. Drawing on the findings of Furnham (1997) and Murphy-Lejenne (2002), among others, the present study looks at the reasons why the participants decided to travel overseas, why they chose Singapore as their destination, what problems they encountered while here, and how they coped with the problems. They were also asked what specific problems they encountered with the schools they enrolled in. It is the contention of the present study that school has a major influenceon their overall acclimatisation. Suggestions were sought from the participants on ways they thought the school could help make their stay here more successful

The in-depth interviews found that the main problem encountered by the Chinese students were with accommodation, student agents, school, language, and the :attitude of the local populance towards them. To cope with their problem;, they relied on friends, and family for support and information, and used modern technology for communication. They expected the school to help them find suitable accommodation and practise higher standards of service.

The present study concludes with recommendations for further actions needed by schools and government and areas for future research.

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