An expressive-psychoanalytic approach to the reconstruction of personal experience : an opportunity for middle year males

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Master of Education


Faculty of Education and Arts

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Dr Geoffrey Lummis


This exegesis provides a theoretical background that supports and accommodates the Artist-Researcher's exhibition and visual diary. Efland's, (1990) Expressive Psychoanalytic model, reinforces the notion that through creating, individuals construct their experiences through the making processes. This self-responding approach focuses on emotionally centred expression, fusing the practical with feelings about relationships. The exegesis underscores the essential therapeutic role of visual arts in education. The Artist-Researcher's exhibition centres upon a personal exploration of her adolescent years in London, when she dealt with a complex family break up. She combines studio practise, personal text and computer graphics to reconstruct childhood experiences by confronting her parent's marriage break down. This selfanalytical approach provides the underlying function for the exhibition. The work examines a personal context for an application into teaching. Through self-discovery and reconstruction, she develops the basis for a teaching tool for middle year male students to gain confidence in expressing complex emotional issues.

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