Maps, metaphor and memory : a personal investigation through image manipulation and textile embellishment

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Master of Education


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Faculty of Education and Arts


This exegesis supports the artist-researcher's Creative Arts Project, which explores how personal memories and reflection on family history and narratives can be used as resources for image making. The exegesis underscores the essentialness of Efland' s (1990) Expressive Psychoanalytic model as a conceptual framework in visual arts education,as well as reviewing associated literature about memory and semiotics, and the role of Images in reconstructing self-realization, identity and social history. The artist-researcher also links Efland's model to Gardner's (1996) Inter and Intra Personal Intelligences. The artist-researcher introduces the work of influential artists in Australia, Canadian , and other overseas artists who also work in the field of textile design with personal and family history themes. However, specifically the exegesis, positions the artist-researcher's Creative Arts Project and major exhibition.

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