Date of Award


Degree Type

Thesis - ECU Access Only

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Education


Faculty of Education and Arts

First Advisor

Associate Professor Rod Chadbourne.


This study investigates the work of middle level leaders within middle schools, most
specifically in the area of curriculum leadership. It includes issues surrounding the fields of middle level leadership in education, curriculum leadership, and middle schooling. A
deliberate attempt was made to collect data from a wide range of contexts. Emerging
themes were subsequently discussed with internationally recognised leaders in the fields
of middle schooling and educational leadership and deemed to have relevance in broader educational contexts extending beyond Australia.

The rate and magnitude of change in education over the past two decades outweighs
anything that educators have previously experienced. This has led to increased diversity of middle level leadership roles in schools. This study focuses specifically on those responsible for middle school teams. The title of this role used for the purpose of the current study, is ‘Middle School Team Leader’ or MSTL.