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Doctor of philosophy


School of Communication and Art


Education and Arts

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Dr Christopher Crouch


This research examines the field of art and consciousness in light of Maharishi Vedic Science. Maharishi Vedic Science is a complete science of consciousness and its expressions, based on ancient Vedic knowledge, as elucidated by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the foremost scholar in the field of consciousness. The research explores the practical application of Maharishi‘s technologies of consciousness― the Transcendental Meditation program and TM-Sidhi program, and simultaneously the theoretical understanding of consciousness through the study of Maharishi Vedic Science. The research examines this knowledge by considering two questions- Question 1―What is the benefit of the practical technologies and theoretical knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Science for the arts and the artist? Question 2―Through my own subjective research into consciousness, how has this knowledge affected the outcome of my creative practice? This research is both an intellectual objective analysis and simultaneously a subjective investigation through my own personal experience in the development of consciousness. The research elucidates Maharishi Vedic Science and verifies it through modern scientific research, art and its foundation in creative intelligence, the history of art and its future potential, and my own personal artwork and creative process that has grown through the understanding and practical application of Maharishi Vedic Science in my daily life.

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