Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School Of Exercise, Biomedical and Health Science


Computing, Health And Science

First Advisor

Professor Donna Cross


Effective interventions that reduce children's sun exposure are likely to reduce melanoma incidence in the longer term. However, for such interventions to have an impact they must be adequately implemented. School-based sun protection programs have been evaluated to determine their effectiveness in changing behaviours, however, few studies have assessed the implementation of such programs, or the effect of their implementation on outcomes. Kidskin was a five-year intervention trial designed to assess the effectiveness of a multicomponent intervention in reducing sun exposure in children in Perth, Western Australia. This thesis describes the process evaluation of the school- and home-based educational components of Kidskin's intervention. This process evaluation incorporated data from 873 students, their parents and teachers in Years 1 to 4 at the 19 intervention schools involved in the larger Kidskin study.