Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences.

First Advisor

Dr Russell Waugh

Second Advisor

Associate Professor Len King


Instructional and organisational strategies can improve students' transfer of knowledge and skill to the workplace. Constraints on transfer include: 1. a shortage of teachers who can build transfer inlo programmes; and 2. time span (interval) between teaching of the task and transfer of learning. Fifteen nursing students and five clinical teachers from a university in Western Australia participated in the initial qualitative component of the study. These students and teachers were asked to list effective clinical teachers' behaviours which were then compared with beaviours listed in the Rauen's Clinical Instructor Characteristics Rating Scale (1974). Using a modified Rauen's Scale, 200 students from second and third year of their training participated in the quantitative component. whereby questionnaires were completed to evaluate perceived effective clinical behaviours. as well as the teachers' demonstration of the established effective teacher behaviours from Rauen's Scale, The influences of student and teacher variables (such as age. gender. level oftraining. previous work experience, perception. teacher qualification. employment s!atus and involvement in teaching theory). as well as students' perception of effectiveness of clinical facililation. was obtained by data analysis of the completed questionnaires, Correlational data obtained yielded insignificant relationships between student and teacher variables and the perception of effective clinical facilitation of learning. Overall, nursing students' perceptions of effective clinical facilitation was significanty positive.