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Doctor of Philosophy


School Of Management


Business And Law

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Professor Janice Burn


Digital government, encompassing output-focused e-government (delivering services online) and outcomes-focused e-governance (developing ICT-enabled citizen interaction and participation) has been proposed as the next step in online interaction between government and its citizens. Local government is still coming to grips with providing a mechanism for implementation of both facets of digital government, particularly those of e-governance. The Local Digital Government Framework (LDGF) was developed in this study to incorporate the citizen-centric focus of e-governance, facilitating the move from the organisational, New Public Managementbased focus of e-government. The LDGF extends existing frameworks, providing continuity in the literature. It comprises a new conceptual model of Citizen-Centric Digital Government (CCDG) and a new ICTenabled management paradigm of Cybercentric Management (CM). Survey, website assessment and interview research strategies developed in this study, based on the LDGF, have validated its use as a benchmarking framework for the level of implementation of local digital government in Western Australia.


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