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Master of Education


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Faculty of Education and Arts

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Tarquam McKenna


Educational systems are continuing to prioritise the importance of technology in learning. Curriculum guidelines and frameworks from across the globe insist that all learning areas find ways to utilise appropriate technologies in the teaching learning process. Drama Education is one area where the use of technology seems to be quite limited. The study seeks to determine some emerging understanding of the perceptions and attitudes held by Drama teachers about the introduction of Interactive and Information Technology (Digital Environments) into classroom Drama practice. Of particular interest to this researcher is the seeming reluctance to engage with such technology. Drama educators from all levels of education were invited to complete the survey via email and the Drama Education: A Global Perspective website will contribute to the study. Since the study functions in an essentially interpretive and descriptive mode it was not expected that generalisations will be forthcoming, although there do emerge some relational understandings as well as implications and considerations for future introduction of so-called digital environments in Drama, and related issues such as resourcing, professional development, and pre-service training. Additionally, this study identifies areas of need and/or deficiency within school structures in relation to technology access and requirements for Drama educators. This is especially relevant to the Western Australian context as education sectors are engaged in curriculum improvement programs that necessitate cross-curricula and integrated practices.

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