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Doctor of Education


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

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Jan Gray


This body of work identifies the professional development needs of teachers at Abu Dhabi Men's College in the UAE as their role in the classroom and pedagogical trends change in response to the needs of the 21st century global workforce. The aim of the research was to identify what pedagogical changes had impacted the teaching and learning environment at the college and subsequently to identify strategies and professional development models to prepare the teachers for dynamic developments in their teaching and learning environment. A pragmatic, interpretive approach was taken in the study, drawing on qualitative data to explore ways to reflect and address the pedagogical challenges faced by staff at Abu Dhabi Men's College. The study is presented as a three phased case study: a focus group, student results data comparison and a teacher's workshop, formed the basis of this study. Findings from the study reinforced the perception that teachers need to be prepared to continually respond to the needs of the workforce by embracing lifelong learning and imparting the same philosophy to their students. A framework for professional development at Abu Dhabi Men's College was constructed in response to the identified professional development needs of teachers at the College. It was found that working in a collaborative environment improved the professional learning environment and productivity for staff. The active participation of staff in the design of the professional development framework increased the potential for staff commitment to on-going learning.

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