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Doctor of Philosophy


School of Education


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

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Dr Russell Waugh


This study aims to investigate self-reported managerial leadership competencies of middle-level managers in business organisations in Australia, and stems from the Karpin Report (1995) on perceived weaknesses in Leader hip and Management skills in Australia. The report leads to a need to investigate the perceptions of the current middle level business managers in regard to leadership competency and to develop a scale to measure leadership competency. A model of leadership competency, based on a literature review, was developed for this study and involves four aspects: Leading, Managing, Communicating and Best Practice. Data were collected in two parts-a questionnaire and interviews. The initial questionnaire involved 27 stem-items covering four aspects and answered in three self reported perspectives (ideal, capability and actual behaviour). A sample of300 mid•level managers from manufacturing, mining, retail and service industries answered the questionnaire. Twenty-nine of the managers were interviewed to investigate the perceptions of middle-level managers towards the four leadership competencies (leading, managing, communicating and best practice), and the reasons that they gave for these perceptions. Data were analysed in three parts. A Rasch measurement analysis (part I) was used to create a linear scale of 18 stem-items (54 items) in which competency measures were calibrated on the same scale as the item difficulties. Open-ended questions (part 2) and interview data (part 3) were analysed qualitatively.

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