Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy


School of International, Cultural And Community Studies


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

First Advisor

Dr Richard Rossiter


How should one approach childhood memories for the writing of literary memoir? Behind Blue Eyes is my childhood revisited. I have fashioned my earliest memories in order to tell a story. My story, and the story of my family. It covers the years between 1963 and 1967, when I was a boy growing up in the north-east of England. I made the decision from the outset to tell the story through the eyes of a child. This is an approach seldom taken, but one that has intrigued me for some years now. Could I sustain the voice of a four-year-old, a five-year-old, a six-year-old, and so on? Yes, I believed so. Could I capture the essence of a boy's life in the north-east of England back then? I hoped so.