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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Science


School of Biomedical and Sports Science


Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering

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Dr Lynn Embrey


To date no studies have considered enjoyment in Dancesport. Scanlan, Stein and Ravizza, (1989a, 1989b & 1991) have extensively studied enjoyment and recommended further studies be conducted in individual sports. Past research has tended to identity enjoyment as a one off momentary experience termed 'peak performance' (Cohn, 1991) and 'flow' (Csikszentmihalyi, 1975; Kimiecik & Stein, 1992). Many thousands of people participate in Dancesport, the competitive arm of ballroom dancing, both nationally and internationally. Determining the predictors of enjoyment for Dancesport could provide a base upon which to plan activity programs to increase lifelong participation and health. A qualitative approach was used to investigate the sport enjoyment experience of A Grade Adult and A Grade Senior Dancesport competitors from their perspective. In-depth interviews and inductive content analysis to gain insight into the sport. The major theme that emerged from the data was that of "social world". Participation in this world creates enjoyment and whilst they are enjoying their sport they wish to continue competing. Enjoyment sources were related to the physical (increased fitness), mental (the challenge of competition), and social (the social relationship formed with others, ie, coaches, partners and other dancers) elements of the sport.