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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Business


School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure


Faculty of Business And Law

First Supervisor

Professor Simone Pettigrew

Second Supervisor

Marie Ryan


In 1997, Hindess labelled the gap between governments and citizens the democratic deficit. This gap, or deficit, has arisen over a long time period as a result of public scandals, perceptions of poor performance and poor economies. Local governments around the world are now attempting to regain community respect and support - the unstated mandate for governance - and seeking to implement government policies relating to concepts variously described as community engagement, capacity building, active citizenship or public/citizen participation. This thesis has identified a methodology for finding people who are motivated to act in the public interest in one local government in Western Australia. It has also identified how they can best be encouraged to take part in opportunities to participate and ultimately become active citizens.


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