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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Nursing


School of Nursing


Faculty of Health and Human Sciences

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Dr Nancy Hudson-Rodd


This study was designed to explore-the lived-experiences of single teenage mothers in Botswana, as perceived by them. The participants were teenage mothers who had to leave school pregnancy. They had either completed year one in secondary school or were in year two. Their ages ranged between 16 and 19 years. The ages of their babies range from five to 10 months, with the exception of one child who was three years old. All teenage mothers came from low socio-economic backgrounds with families whose parents were either not working, or were working in the lowest paying jobs as cleaners or drivers. Some were from single parent families with the mother working as a cleaner in government offices. They all lived in the high population density area of Gaborone such as Old Naledi and Broadhurst Self Help Agency, where many illicit behaviours are observed. The study• is undertaken through a phenomenological approach which is guided by the reality of lived experiences to a theoretical construct. This research was conducted to uncover young single experiences .concerning motherhood.