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Master of Business


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Professor Geoffrey Soutar


The Australian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (ARCBTS) in Western Australian faces a major problem with periodic shortages of blood components. These shortages are expected to become more frequent and severe as demand continues to increase at a faster rate than supply. Given that only five percent of the population is registered as blood donors, clearly, the challenge for the ARCBTS is to encourage more people to become regular blood donors. The current study was undertaken to assist the ARCBTS in achieving this goal, by identifying and investigating the factors that influence people's willingness to donate blood. Based on the findings of a literature review and focus groups, a conceptual model of "willingness to donate blood" was developed. The model included personal values, knowledge about blood donation, perceived risks associated with donating blood, and attitudes towards blood donation, as antecedents to willingness to donate.

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Hematology Commons