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Master of Nursing


School of Nursing


Faculty of Health and Human Sciences

First Advisor

Davina Poroch


The purpose of this descriptive study was to describe the evaluation of a 'Patient Management Program'. This managed care type of program combined a Pre-Admission Clinic and an Early Discharge Program. It was established as a twelve month pilot program at a major Western Australian public teaching hospital in January 1995. It aimed to provide a more efficient health service by replacing part of elective surgical patients' inpatient care with outpatient services. The first component of the Program was the Pre-Admission Clinic, which allowed patients to undergo pre-operative assessment and testing prior to admission to hospital, thus facilitating same day of surgery admission and reducing hospitalisation by at least one day. It also enabled identification of patients unfit for surgery, allowed discharge planning to be initiated, and patient education to be undertaken. The second component of the Program was the Early Discharge Program, which aimed to facilitate patient discharge from hospital, and to provide acute post discharge care and support. The significance of it’s component was the continuity of care, as the same nursing staff who provided pre-admission assessment, education and discharge planning also provided inpatient discharge co-ordination, post discharge support, and the delivery of domiciliary nursing care.