Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Communications and Arts by Research


School of Communications and Arts


Faculty of Education and Arts

First Advisor

Associate Professor Mark McMahon

Second Advisor

Dr. Christopher Kueh


Connecting Dots proposes that new media such as interactive websites can be developed using a design framework based on elements of holistic education identified by Miller (1996) as Balance, Inclusion and Connection, so that holistic learning can be achieved. Recognising the negative consequences of the focus on meritocracy, the Singapore government have in recent years advocated for a transformation of the education system to include opportunities for holistic learning. This research contends that holistic learning is a responsibility that has to be shared by both the education system and families. This should be cultivated in a child from an early age so that a strong foundation for life-long learning can be established. As children are increasingly exposed to media technology at an early age, there is a pressing need for online content to provide families with a platform to engage their young holistically. Using t he design framework, an interactive website, also titled Connecting Dots was developed and tested through a qualitative study as part of a practice-based research that uses an iterative and incremental development process. With the appropriate methods used to collect and analyse data, the research endeavors to develop design recommendations that can be transferred to other interactive websites that promote holistic learning, not limited to the Singapore context.