Date of Award


Degree Type


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Master of Arts (Sociology and Anthropology)


Centre for Social Research


Community Services, Education And Social Sciences

First Advisor

Professor Alan Black


This research offers an analysis of two concepts: subjective well-being and social capital. I examine each concept separately, looking at their underlying determinants and characteristics, and I also look at the links between these two notions, as there is theoretical support for their interdependent relationship. I have conducted data analysis of five samples, all part of the World Values Survey 1995-1996. The WVS 1995-1996 offers vast data for Spain and for four autonomous regions - Basque Country, Andalusia, Galicia and Valencia. For the national sample N= 1211. Regional sampling is as follows: Basque Country (N=2205), Andalusia (N=1803), Galicia (N=1200), and Valencia (N=501). The subjects of all the surveys are citizens of both sexes, aged 18 and older.


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