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Doctor of Philosophy


School Of Communications And Contemporary Arts


Education And Arts

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Dr. Rob Giblett


The construction of texts that place hepatitis C-positive persons at social risk (Candlin, 1989, p. ix), informs this study of the ways in which public health policy makers and journalists in Australia communicate about hepatitis C. The institutions of public health and the news media form part of the cultural context within which persons construct their illness narratives. The privileged perspectives and framing of public health policy and news media discourses; the discursive practices associated with the institutions of public health and the media around hepatitis C and hepatitis C-positive persons, the “objects” of knowledge (Foucault, 1969/2002, p. 81); and the subject and social positions available to hepatitis C-positive people and spokespersons of non-government organisations (NGOs) representing the hepatitis C-affected community are examined. The place afforded the voices of individuals living with hepatitis C in these forums to discuss topics of public concern is considered.

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Public Health Commons