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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Education


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Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

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Dr Gary Partington


As a consequence of increased retention rates in post compulsory schooling, educational systems have attempted to expand their curricular offerings. The aims of this study were twofold. The first was to examine a process of transition from school to work and the second considered the implications for improvement of the post compulsory school curriculum in facilitating transition. A semi structured, open ended interview was developed to gain information about the transition experience of seven Year 12 students. Interviews, recorded by audio tape, and the coded transcripts were the major data source. Results indicated that students coped well with the transition from school to work, enjoying the increased responsibilities and being treated as grown up by employers and parents. Part time work, school based work experience, and through Work Studies learning job search skills, self-responsibility and self-confidence were seen as of value. This suggests post compulsory education should make learning relevant to students by linking work based learning with classroom education and creating educational pathways that prepare all students to navigate their way through the changing job market.

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