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Kayt Davies


In February the second group of ECU students involved in the Tracking Onslow Project spent a week in town, talking to people and gathering stories, footage and photos for this magazine and for the next update of

Our journalism is independent. It is not controlled by the companies operating in town or by federal, state or local governments. Our aim is to tell your stories and create a record of the impact of the new resources projects on Onslow.

We hope this process is not only helpful to you, by keeping you informed about what is happening and how other people in the community feel about it, but that it will also help the rest of Australia understand the impacts of major projects on the communities that accommodate them.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to share with us your thoughts, inspirations, ideas and concerns.

Our first visit was in July 2012 when journalism students Claire Ottaviano, Aine Ryan and Jasmine Amis came to Onslow with me and we interviewed, recorded and photographed as much of the town as we could.

In early 2013 Claire came back again and we were joined by Jon Hopper, Kaitlin Shawcross, Kirstyn McMullan and Karma Barndon. Most of us will be back again in July 2013 with a few more new students to make edition 3 and to update the website again. Our aim is to visit every six months for three to five years so that we can track the shifts in community dynamics over these tumultuous times.

We look forward to seeing you in July, and in the meantime we hope you enjoy this snapshot of the town.