Photos with Poems - Notes on a dying chook


In my thesis, I superimpose poetry over images of the bark, flowers, leaves and habitats of plants of the biodiverse Southwest corner of Western Australia. The intention of this visualisation is to deepen the appreciation of floristic images with poetic narratives of embodied encounters with living plants in the field. (PhD, School of Communications and Arts)

an amoeba of auburn hues
pontificating on one leg

meditatively in a t'ai chi

lashless eyes tightened to slits
red rubber viscera under jaw

hung like a windless

when the patio door creaked
her orange moons and absolute

black opals flashed full

her shape particularised
dashed underfoot hoping for

the salmon-coloured ceramic
floor and

when denied entry spluttered like
a dervish on dinosaur feet

mohawk comb a flabby

of raw meat (bird-sign of dehydration)
lapped the swamp under potted

plants, accepted no freshwater

the hangman was silent with his deed
lest dogs would smell the knell

and, impassioned, unearth the

but somehow, when the chirruping
in the steel cage ceased, I convinced

myself she had simply wandered off
into the wandoo forest