ECU Melanoma Research Group “Don’t let skin cancer get you!”


The ECU Melanoma Research Group’s primary focus is to develop a simple blood test to detect circulating metastatic melanoma cells. Early identification of disease and disease spread will allow medical specialists to recommend an appropriate course of treatment at an early stage, thus improving the likelihood of treatment success.

The aim of this visualisation project is to Raise Awareness of Skin Cancer to teenagers. The target audience for this project is Australian Teenagers aged 15-21 years, who take a carefree approach to the sun.


  • The design is based around “Memes”- an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person in a culture. It’s a unit which carries cultural ideas, symbols or practices.
  • Popular form of communication amongst teenagers
  • Popular on social internet sites such as Facebook


Brochure that can be handed out to teenagers at festivals and other events where teenagers are exposed to the sun. They can also be given to GPs, Cafes, Beauticians etc. Facebook- page was also set up.