Submissions from 2014


Characterising the resolvability of real superluminescent diode sources for application to Optical Coherence Tomography using a low coherence interferometry model, Paul Jansz, Steven Richardson, G Wild, and Steven Hinckley

Submissions from 2012


Commentary on the Report of the Health Committee - Inquiry into the provision of Ambulance Services in New Zealand, Steve Johnston

Managing the Mapuche: Security and Identity collisions in Chile, Robyn Torok

Submissions from 2011

Strength and conditioning : biological principles and practical applications, Marco Cardinale, Robert Newton, and Kazunori Nosaka


Creating HoPE: Mental Health in Western Australian Maximum Security Prisons, Jennifer Fleming, Natalie Gately, and Sharan Kraemer


Culture Shock: Librarians' Response to Web Scale Search, David Howard and Constance Wiebrands


Genetic Factors in Metastatic Progression of Cutaneous Melanoma: the Future Role of Circulating Melanoma Cells in Prognosis and Management, A Ireland, M Millward, R Pearce, M Lee, and Mel Ziman


Using Education Assistants to help pave the road to literacy: Supporting oral language, letter-sound knowledge and phonemic awareness in the pre-primary year , Wendy Moore and Lorraine Hammond

Visitor management practices and operational sustainability: Expedition cruising in the Kimberley, Australia, Pascal Scherrer, Amanda J. Smith, and Ross K. Dowling


New lexicon and criteria for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, Hamid Sohrabi, Michael Weinborn, Johanna Badcock, Kristyn A. Bates, Roger Clarnette, Darshan Trivedi, Giuseppe Verdile, Tom Sutton, Nat P. Lenzo, Samuel Gandy, and Ralph Martins


Review of Indigenous Male Health, Neil Thomson, Richard Midford, Olivier Debuyst, and Andrea MacRae

Submissions from 2010


Effect of hot versus cold climates on power output, muscle activation, and perceived fatigue during a dynamic 100-km cycling trial , Christopher R. Abbiss, Angus Burnett, Kazunori Nosaka, Jonathon P. Green, Jonathan K. Foster, and Paul B. Laursen


Examining Pacing Profiles in Elite Female Road Cyclists using Exposure Variation Analysis, Christopher Abbiss, Leon Straker, Marc Quod, David Martin, and Paul Laursen


Adiabatic coherent quantum tunneling of ultracold atoms trapped in an asymmetrical two-dimensional magnetic lattices, Ahmed Abdelrahman, Kamal Alameh, and Peter Hannford

Asymmetrical two-dimensional magnetic lattices for ultracold atoms, Ahmed Abdelrahman, Mikhail Vasiliev, Kamal Alameh, and Peter Hannaford


Trend analysis and short-term forecast of incident HIV infection in Ghana, Patrick Aboagye-Sarfo, James Cross, and Ute Mueller


Call Admission Control Scheme for Improved Quality of Service in WiMAX Communication at Vehicular Speeds, Iftekhar Ahmad and Daryoush Habibi


Call Admission Control Scheme for the IEEE 802.16e at Vehicular Speeds, Iftekhar Ahmad and Daryoush Habibi


High Utility Video Surveillance System on Public Transport using WiMAX technology, Iftekhar Ahmad and Daryoush Habibi


Novel photonic sensor engine for discrimination and detection of weeds and crops, Kamal Alameh, Sreten Askraba, Arie Paap, John Rowe, Yannan Shen, and Hengzhong Yan

Comparison between alternating and pulsed current electrical muscle stimulation for acute muscle and systemic responses, Abdulaziz Aldayel, Marc Jubeau, Michael Mcguigan, and Kazunori Nosaka


Parties' perceptions of apologies in resolving Equal Opportunity complaints., Alfred Allan, Dianne McKillop, and Robyn Carroll


Volatility and correlations for stock markets in the emerging economies of Central and Eastern Europe : implications for European investors, David E. Allen, A. Golab, and R. Powell


CAViaR and the Australian stock markets : an appetiser, David E. Allen and A. K. Singh


Using Quantile Regression to Estimate Capital Buffer Requirements for Japanese Banks, David Allen, Robert Powell, and Abhay Singh

Media in Asia: Teaching Asian Culture within an Australian Context, Panizza Allmark

So What... I Am Still a Rock Star: Celebrity and Feminist Music Videos in the New Millennium, Panizza Allmark


Photovoltaic micro-cell design for distrubuted power in sensor networks, Gary A. Allwood, Graham Wild, and Steven Hinckley

Photovoltaic Micro-Cell Design for Distributed Power-over-Fibre Optimized for 850nm & 980nm, Gary Allwood, Graham Wild, and Steven Hinckley

Power-over-Fibre for Distributed Optical Fibre Smart Sensor Networks, Gary Allwood, Graham Wild, and Steven Hinckley


A Practical Approach to Assess Depression Risk and to Guide Risk Reduction Strategies in Later Life, Osvaldo Almeida, Helman Alfonso, Jane Pirkis, Ngaire Kerse, Moira Sim, Leon Flicker, John Snowdon, Brian Draper, Gerard Byrne, Robert Goldney, Nicola Lautenschlager, Nigel Stocks, Marcia Scazufca, Martijn Huisman, Ricardo Araya, and John Pfaff

Farmers's relationship with hospitality businesses: a preliminary study, Abel Duarte Alonso

Internationalisation of small and medium New Zealand wineries: An exploratory study, Abel Duarte Alonso

Olives, hospitality and tourism: a Western Australian perspective, Abel Duarte Alonso

Tourism and hospitality small and medium enterprises and environmental sustainability, Abel Duarte Alonso and Alfred W. Ogle

Small hospitality enterprises and local produce: a case study, Abel Duarte Alonso and Martin O'Neil


Small winery operators and business vision: A Western Australian case., Abel Alonso and Jeremy Northcote

How Important is Nutrition within the 'Ideal' eating out experience? A Descriptive Comparison Among Southern United States Consumers, Abel Alonso, Martin O'Neill, and Claire Zizza

A study of audience responses to the media discourse about the 'Other': The Fear of Terrorism between Australian Muslims and the Broader Community , Anne Aly

Fear, victimisation and identity: The community victimisation perspective and social inclusion of Australian Muslims, Anne Aly


The Internet as Ideological Battleground, Anne Aly


Fear, anxiety and the state of terror., Anne Aly and Lelia Green


The Pipeline Project: Trajectories of classroom behaviour and academic progress : a study of student engagement with learning, Max Angus, Tim McDonald, Chris Ormond, Rudy Rybarcyk, Anthea Taylor, and Anne Winterton

Information Operations Matters: Best practices, Leigh Armistead


Language, meaning, context, and functional communication, Elizabeth Armstrong and Alison Ferguson

Interacting with difficulty: The case of aphasia, Elizabeth Armstrong and Elizabeth Ferguson

An eAgriculture-based Decision Support Framework for Information Dissemination, Leisa Armstrong, Dean Diepeveen, and Khumphicha Tantisantisom

Dr Barnardo and 'The Queen's Shades': Liminal London, Hospitality and Victorian Child Rescue, Susan Ash

Monster or Messiah? Tortured Werewolf and Forgiving Flock, Michelle Aslett

Amyloid-beta aggregation as a protective acute-phase response to injury/neurodegeneration: A barrier function for amyloid-beta deposits, Craig Atwood

Experimental Study of Authenticity of a 15th century bell imported to Australia from Italy, Jaromir Audy and Katarina Audy

Does mandatory training work? Investigating compulsory pre-site training certification in the WA construction industry, Susanne Bahn and Llandis Barratt-Pugh


Complexities of Assessing Social and Emotional Competence and Wellbeing in Young Children, Lennie Barblett and Carmel Maloney

Using Traffic Analysis to Identify Tor Usage - A Proposed Study, John Barker, Peter Hannay, and Christopher Bolan


Conversation after right hemisphere brain damage: Motivations for applying conversation analysis, Scott Barnes and Elizabeth Armstrong

Introduction: at the intersection of entrepreneurship and human resource management, Rowena Barrett and Susan Mayson

The formality and informality of HRM practices in small firms, Rowena Barrett and Susan Mayson

The relationship between small firm growth and HRM practices, Rowena Barrett, Susan Mayson, and Niel Warriner


Adult Outcomes of Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury , Miriam Beauchamp, Julian Dooley, and Vicki Anderson

Environmental correlates of physical activity in Australian workplaces, Jason Bennie, Anna Timperio, David Dunstan, David Crawford, and Jo Salmon

Apocalypse Now: Information systems in Australian universities, Stephen Benson


Corporations, Government and Development: The Case of Institutional Corruption in Tasmania, Quentin Beresford

Rooting theories of plant community ecology in microbial interactions, James D. Bever, Ian A. Dickie, Evalina Facelli, Jose M. Facelli, John Klironomos, Mari Moora, Matthias C. Rillig, William D. Stock, Mark Tibbett, and Martin Zobel


Yeast as a model for studying Alzheimer's disease, Prashant Bharadwaj, Ralph Martins, and Ian Macreadie

A Rasch measure of university students' receptivity to peers with disabilities across two cultures, Minoti Biswas and Russell F. Waugh

Consanguineous marriage and human evolution., Alan Bittles and Michael Black


Consanguinity, human evolution, and complex diseases., Alan Bittles and Michael Black

Factors and Forces Influencing Human Variation, Alan Bittles and Michael Black


The impact of consanguinity on neonatal and infant health., Alan H. Bittles and Michael L. Black

What are the Prospects of 3D Profiling Systems Applied to Firearms and Toolmark Identification?, Rachel Bolton-King, J Paul Evans, Clifton Smith, Jonathon Painter, Derek Allsop, and Wayne Cranton

The Triple Threat Actor and the Acquisition of Music Skills, Derek Bond

Women Firefighters' Experiences in the Western Australian Volunteer Bush Fire Service, Cindy Branch-Smith and Julie Ann Pooley

On-Site Mine Water Analysis : Application Note for the PDV6000plus, Charlotte Braungardt, Martin Butterfield, and Magdalena Wajrak


Acts of resistance: breaking the silence of grief following traffic crash fatalities, Lauren J. Breen and Moira O'Connor

Health literacy and beliefs among a community cohort with and without chronic low back pain, Andrew M. Briggs, Joanne E. Jordan, Rachelle Buchbinder, Angus F. Burnett, Peter B. O'Sullivan, Jason Y. Chua, Richard H. Osborne, and Leon M. Straker

Reflective practice, professional learning, and educational partnerships: Effecting change in classroom settings, Christopher Brook and Graeme Lock


National security: A propositional study to develop resilience indicators as an aid to personnel vetting, David Brooks, Jeff Corkill, Julie-Ann Pooley, Lynne Cohen, Cath Ferguson, and Craig Harms


Contralateral leg deficits in kinetic and kinematic variables during running in Australian Rules Football players with previous hamstring injuries, Matt Brughelli, John Cronin, Jurdan Mendiguchia, David Kinsella, and Kazunori (Ken) Nosaka


Muscle architecture and optimum angle of the knee flexors and extensors: A comparison between cyclists and Australian Rules Football players, Matt Brughelli, John Cronin, and Kazunori (Ken) Nosaka

Effects of eccentric exercise on optimum length of the knee flexors and extensors during the preseason in professional soccer players, Matt Brughelli, Jurdan Mendiguchia, Kazunori Nosaka, Fernando Idoate, Asier Los Arcos, and John Cronin

Hamstring antagonist torque generated in vivo following ACL rupture and ACL reconstruction, Adam Laguna Bryant, Mark W. Creaby, Robert U. Newton, and Julie R. Steele


Coping processes and health-related quality of life in Parkinson's disease, Romola Bucks, Kate Cruise, Timothy Skinner Skinner, Andrea Loftus, Roger Barker, and Meghan Thomas


The Influence of Shopping Motivation, Optimum Stimulation Level, Perception of Store Atmosphere, and Satisfaction on Repatronage Intention, Tjong Budisantoso and Katherine Mizerski


Summary of Indigenous women's health, Jane Burns, Caitlin M. Maling, and Neil Thomson

Summary of Indigenous Women's Health Status, Jane Burns, Caitlin Maling, and Neil Thomson

Investigating Praxisi Inquiry within Teacher Education Using Giddens's Structuration Theory, Peter Burridge, Cathryn Carpenter, Brenda Cherednichenko, and Tony Kruger


Funding and Secondary School Choice in Australia: A Historical Consideration, Rosemary Cahill and Jan Gray


The significance of learning style with respect to achievement in first year programming students., Vivian Campbell and Michael Johnstone

The influence of different sitting postures on head/neck posture and muscle activity, Joao Paulo Caneiro, Peter O'Sullivan, Angus Burnett, Avi Barach, David O'Neil, Orjan Tveit, and Karolina Olafsdottir

Media freedom in China as reflected in the development of the Sanlu milk scandal, 2008, Danielle Castellino and Lelia Green


Potent protective effect conferred by four bouts of low intensity eccentric exercise, Trevor C. Chen, Hsin-Lian Chen, Ming-Ju Lin, Chang-Jun Wu, and Kazunori (Ken) Nosaka

Can the academy help itself? Authenticity in equity group recruitment., Brenda Cherednichenko and Nathalie Collins

Catalysts for social inclusion: The practices and effectiveness of the Catalyst-Clemente program for social inclusion pathways to higher education., Brenda Cherednichenko, Peter Howard, Anne Hampshire, Jude Butcher, Sherry Saggers, Paul Flatau, Tim Marchant, Jonathon Compton, and Youssef Taouk

An implementation of a garment-fitting simulation system using laser scanned 3D body data., Changsuk Cho, Jun-Young Park, Adrian Boeing, and Philip Hingston

The Impact of Beijing Olympic Sponsorship Program on Annual Report Social Disclosure of Local Sponsors, Theo Christopher and Jun Cheng Hu

Item banking and computerized adaptive testing with Rasch measurement: an example for primary mathematics in Thailand , Chaowprapha Chuesathuchon and Russell F. Waugh

Corticomotor excitability of wrist flexor and extensor muscles during active and passive movement, Lillian Chye, Kazunori Nosaka, Lynda Murray, Dylan Edwards, and Gary Thickbroom


Making the best of the early years: the Tambellup way., Kimberley Clark, Jacques Oosthuizen, Susan Beerenfels, and Anne Marie Rowell

Carbon and nitrogen translocation in response to shading of the seagrass Posidonia sinuosa, Catherine J. Collier, Patricia Prado, and Paul Lavery

Hardware Implementation of the Self Assessment Manikin, Warren Creemers and Philip Hingston