The DODDEL Model: A Flexible Document-Oriented Model for the Design of Serious Games

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This chapter was originally published as: McMahon, M. T. (2009). The DODDEL model: A flexible document-oriented model for the design of serious games. In Thomas Connolly, Mark Stansfield & Liz Boyle (Eds.). Games-Based Learning Advancements for Multi-Sensory Human Computer Interfaces (pp. 98 -118). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. Original book available here


This chapter proposes a document-oriented instructional design model to inform the development of serious games. The model has key features in that it promotes a theoretically inclusive approach to learning, a focus on game elements and an emphasis on documentation to provide the rigour necessary to be used as part of a broader project management model. The model defines increasingly granular stages leading to final production documentation for software development. Each design stage contains a series of iterative co-dependent elements. It is proposed that the model can form a base for prescribing and managing activities within an industry context but also as a means to teach the instructional design process for serious games within a higher education setting. A case study of the initial implementation of the model is discussed in order to contextualise it and provide a basis for future enhancement.




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