Submissions from 2010

Hardware Implementation of the Self Assessment Manikin, Warren Creemers and Philip Hingston

Customer satisfaction in Local Government: evidence from the restructuring of the City of Perth, Helen Cripps

The Implementation of Electronic Health Records: Initial Findings from Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Helen Cripps and Craig Standing


Three year results of the Friendly Schools whole-of-school intervention on children's bullying behaviour., Donna Cross, Helen Monks, Margaret Hall, Therese Shaw, Yolanda Pintabona, Erin Erceg, Gregory Hamilton, Clare Roberts, Stacey Waters, and Leanne Lester

Tradition and Modernity in China, Christopher Crouch

Research in the creative disciplines: from self expression to new knowledge, Christopher Crouch and Jane Pearce


Morality and Police Conduct: a Way Forward for Ethical Policing, Michael Crowley and Ann-Claire Larsen

Injunctive Social Norms Primacy Over Descriptive Social Norms in Retirement Savings Decisions, Peter Croy, Paul Gerrans, and Craig Speelman


The role and relevance of domain knowledge, perceptions of planning importance, and risk tolerance in predicting savings intentions, Peter Croy, Paul Gerrans, and Craig Speelman


Exercise and Parkinson's: benefits for cognition and quality of life, Kate Cruise, Romola Bucks, Andrea Loftus, Robert Newton, Roger Pegoraro, and Meghan Thomas

Career Barriers of Female Accountants in the State Public Sector, Lisa Cullen and Theo Christopher

Reporting HIV and its Broader Impact in Asia: The case of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Trevor Cullen


Reporting HIV in Papua New Guinea: Trends and Omissions from 2000 to 2010, Trevor A. Cullen


The use of narrative fiction to spread HIV information in Papua New Guinea, Trevor Cullen and Ruth Callaghan

Managing cultural diversity: Competing discourses in Australian multiculturalism, Justine K. Dandy

Attitudes to multiculturalism, immigration and cultural diversity: Comparison of dominant and non-dominant groups in three Australian states, Justine Dandy and Rogelia Pe-Pua


Impact of metal nano-grating phase-shift on plasmonic MSM photodetectors, Narottam Das, Ayman Karar, Chee Leong Tan, Kamal Alameh, and Yong Tak Lee


MSM Photodetectors with Plasmonic Nano-Gratings., Narottam Das, Ayman Karar, Chee Leong Tan, Mikhail Vasiliev, Kamal Alameh, and Yong Tak Lee


Groove Shape-Dependent Absorption Enhancement of 850 nm MSM Photodetectors with Nano-Gratings., Narottam Das, Ayman Karar, Mikhail Vasiliev, Chee Leong Tan, Kamal Alameh, and Yong Tak Lee

Pomegranate Flesh: A mythic novel about mothers, daughters and the search for meaning and a commentary about the writing process, Kayt H. Davies

"Don't throw anything away!" Greenwashing in Public Relations., Christopher Devauld and Lelia Green

Does plyometric training improve strength performance? A meta-analysis, Eduardo Saez-Saez De Villarreal, Bernardo Requena, and Robert U. Newton

Homework: Its Forms and Functions Revisited, Eva Dobozy

Structured dialogue design in LAMS through interactive lecture podcasting, Eva Dobozy


From LMS to VLE or from supermarket to airports: Classifying e-learning platforms using metaphors, Eva Dobozy and Patricia Reynolds


The Measurement of Sociomoral Reasoning in Adolescents With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Pilot Investigation, Julian Dooley, Miriam Beauchamp, and Vicki Anderson

Cyber-Victimisation: The Association Between Help Seeking Behaviours and Self-Reported Emotional Symptoms in Australia and Austria., Julian Dooley, Petra Gradinger, Dagmar Strohmeier, Donna Cross, and Christiane Spiel

An evaluation of the Mining and Resource Contractors Safety Training Association (MARCSTA) generic safety induction system., Ian Douglas and Jacques Oosthuizen

Emerging volcano and geothermal related tourism in Iceland, Ross Dowling

Geotourism: A Global Activity, Ross Dowling and David Newsome

The future of geotourism: Where to from here?, Ross Dowling and David Newsome


Living Well with Diabetes: a randomized controlled trial of a telephone-delivered intervention for maintenance of weight loss, physical activity and glycaemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes, Elizabteh Eakin, Marina Reeves, Alison Marshall, David Dunstan, Nicholas Graves, Genevieve Healy, Jonathan Bleier, Adrian Barnett, Trisha O'Moore-Sullivan, Anthony Russell, and Ken Wilkie

An Humorous Day's Mirth by George Chapman , Charles Edelman

Rasch measures for Inter-Personal and Intra-Personal Student Self-Views Based on Gardner Intelligences, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh

Rasch measures for sports, drama and music student self-views based on Gardner intelligences, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh


Rasch measures for student self-views in mathematics, English and arts based on Gardner Intelligences, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh

Teacher Guttman Scales and Teacher Views at an Australian Islamic College, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh

Addressing population aging and Alzheimer's disease through the Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyle study: Collaboration with the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Kathryn Ellis, Christopher Rowe, Victor L. Villenagne, Ralph Martins, Colin Masters, Olivier Salvado, Cassandra Szoeke, and David Ames

Getting To Know Your Avatar In Second Life, Judith Elund, Judy Clayden, and Lelia Green

Moderator effects of organisational tenure on the relationship between psychological climate and affective commitment , Brian English, David Morrison, and Christopher Chalon

An occupational theory approach to exploring role balance, Kiah Evans, Sonya Girdler, and J. L. Millsteed

Direct comparison of in vivo Achilles tendon moment arms obtained from ultrasound and MR scans, Florian Fath, Anthony Blazevich, Charlie Waugh, Stuart Miller, and Thomas Korff


Caught in the middle: Improving writing in the middle and upper primary years, Valerie Faulkner, Judith Rivalland, and Janet Hunter


Describing the experience of aphasia rehabilitation through metaphor, Alison Ferguson, Linda Worrall, Bronwyn Davidson, Deborah Hersh, Tami Howe, and Sue Sherratt

Categorising, Searching and Reflecting With Video, Tony Fetherston

Road Safety 2.0: Insights and Implications for Government, Dieter Fink

Generation Y as Wine Tourists: Their Expectations and Experiences at the Winery Cellar Door, Joanna Fountain and Stephen Charters


Health professionals addressing alcohol use with pregnant women in Western Australia: Barriers and strategies for communication, Kathryn France, Nadine Henley, Jan Payne, Heather D'Antoine, Anne Bartu, Colleen O'Leary, Elizabeth Elliott, and Carol Bower


Phreatophytic Vegetation Response to Climatic and Abstraction-Induced Groundwater Drawdown: Examples of Long-Term Spatial and Temporal Variability in Community Response, Raymond Froend and Beate Sommer

A Biomechanical Evaluation of Resistance: Fundamental Concepts for Training and Sports Performance, David Frost, John Cronin, and Robert Newton

Ocular biomarkers for early detection of Alzheimer's Disease, Shaun Frost, Ralph Martins, and Yogesan Kanagasingam


The Pregnancy Hormones Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Progesterone Induce Human Embryonic Stem Cell Proliferation and Differentiation into Neuroectodermal Rosettes, Miguel Gallego, Prashob Porayette, Maria Kaltcheva, Richard Bowan, Sivan Vadakkadath Meethal, and Craig Atwood


Combined Resistance and Aerobic Exercise Program Reverses Muscle Loss in Men Undergoing Androgen Suppression Therapy for Prostate Cancer Without Bone Metastases: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Daniel A. Galvao

Combined resistance and aerobic exercise program reverses muscle loss in men undergoing androgen suppression therapy for prostate cancer without bone metastases: a randomized controlled trial, Daniel Galvao, Dennis Taaffe, Nigel Spry, David Joseph, and Robert Newton


Personal Knowledge Management and Student Learning, Stuart Garner

Supporting the Personal Knowledge Management of Students with Technology, Stuart Garner

Computer-Generated Three-Dimensional Training Environments: The Simulation, User, and Problem-Based Learning (SUPL) Approach, Michael Garrett and Mark Mcmahon


Light reductions drive macroinvertebrate changes in Amphibolis griffithii seagrass habitat., Adam Gartner, Paul S. Lavery, Kathryn McMahon, Anne Brearley, and Helen Barwick


Vision Self-Mmanagement For Older Adults: a Randomised Controlled Trial, Sonya Girdler, Duncan P Boldy, Satvinder S Dhaliwal, Margaret Crowley, and Tanya L Packer

Increased longevity and the comorbidities associated with intellectual and developmental disability., Emma J. Glasson and Alan H. Bittles


Human fetal neural precursor cells can up-regulate MHC class I and class IIexpression and elicit CD4 and CD8 T cell proliferation, R Laguna Goya, R Busch, R Mathur, A J. Coles, and Roger A. Barker

How is producing Guanxi changing as a Chinese state owned enterprise becomes privatised?, Stephen Grainger

Imagining rural audiences in remote Western Australia., Lelia Green

Internet savvy? Children and online risk, Lelia Green

The internet: an introduction to new media, Lelia Green

The Planned, the Surprising and the Serendipitous: Exploring the Creative Writing Process, Lelia Green

Veganism, Health Expectancy, And The Communication Of Sustainability, Lelia Green, Leesa N. Costello, and Julie Dare Dr


Fireguard - A Secure Browser with Reduced Forensic Footprint, Don Griffiths and Peter James


Australian literary blogs and bloggers, Julia Gross


e-Partnerships: Library information acquisition in the comfort of students’ digital homes, Julia Gross and Eva Dobozy


Pushing library information to first-year students: An exploratory study of faculty/library collaboration, Julia Gross and Eva Dobozy


Learning 2.0: a catalyst for library organisational change, Julia Gross and Lynette Leslie


Danger Signs: Ethnicity, relationship status and lethal threats associated with intimate partner violence, Marika Guggisberg, Ann-Claire Larsen, Colleen Fisher, Katrina Spilsbury, Renate Zilkens, and James Semmens

Culturally strong childcare programs for Indigenous children, families and communities, Andrew Guilfoyle, Sherry Saggers, Margaret Sims, and Teresa Hutchins

Attitudes towards knowledge transfer in an environment to perform, Vijaya Gururajan and Dieter Fink

Talking science: Developing a discourse of inquiry, Mark Hackling, Prudence Smith, and Karen Murcia

Understanding financial information used to assess small firm performance: An Australian qualitative study, Abdel K. Halabi, Rowena Barrett, and Robyn Dyt

The 2010 IDN Homograph Attack Mitigation Survey, Peter Hannay and Christopher Bolan

Differentiation of benthic marine primary producers using stable isotopes and fatty acids: Implications to food web studies, Christine E. Hanson, Glenn A. Hyndes, and Shao Fang Wang

Refused Classification And The Proposed Australian Internet Filter: An Assault On The Open Society, John Hartley, Lelia Green, and Catharine Lumby


Comparison between neural network based PI and PID controllers, Mohammed Hassan and Ganesh Kothapalli


Official/ Unofficial: Information Management and Social Association , Kay Hearn


A leadership program in an undergraduate nursing course in Western Australia: Building leaders in our midst, Joyce M. Hendricks, Vicki C. Cope, and Maureen Harris

Social marketing to prevent childhood obesity, Nadine Henley and Sandrine Raffin


Finishing well: The personal impact of ending therapy on speech-language pathologists, Deborah Hersh


I can't sleep at night with discharging this lady: The personal impact of ending therapy on speech-language pathologists, Deborah Hersh


A New Design for a Turing Test for Bots, Philip Hingston


Evolving Group Strategies for IPD, Philip Hingston


RedTNet: A Network Model for Strategy Games., Philip Hingston, Mike Preuss, and Daniel Spierling


A Distributed and Cooperative User Authentication Framework, C.G. Hocking, Steven Furnell, Nathan Clarke, and P L Reynolds


Challenges and Opportunities for Simulation Modelling Integrating Mine Haulage and Truck Shop Operations, Melinda Hodkiewicz, Steven Richardson, and Richard Durham


Financial Market Integration in the Greater China Region: A Multivariate Asymmetric Approach, K.Y. Ho and Zhaoyong Zhang

Among the chosen : the life story of Pat Giles, Lesley Hopkins and Lynn Roarty

The effect of lifting straps on peak velocity, force, and power during clean pull, Naruhira Hori, Brendyn Appleby, Warren Andrews, and Kazunori Nosaka

The conservation status of freshwater crayfish: the basis for concern, listing and recovery processes, and community involvement, Pierre Horwitz

Effect of Vertical Seismic Coefficient on the Stability of Rock Slopes Against Plane Failure, Md Monir Hossain and Sanjay Shukla


Analysis of Hu's Moment Invariants on Image Scaling and Rotation, Zhihu Huang and Jinsong Leng


An Online Ballistics Imaging System for Firearm Identification, Zhihu Huang and Jinsong Leng


A Novel Binarization Algorithm for Ballistics Imaging Systems, Zhihu Huang and Jinsong Leng

Farmers, land and military rule in Burma., Nancy Hudson-Rodd and Sein Htay