Submissions from 2002

Increased mast cells and neutrophils in submucosal mucous glands and mucus plugging in patients with asthma, Neil Carroll, S Mutavdzic, and Alan James

An Applied Method for undertaking Phenomenological explication, Stuart Devenish

Balancing act: Business and household in a small Volivian city, Robyn Eversole

The Chocolates of Sucre: Stories of a Bolivian Industry, Robyn Eversole

Charles Sturt University: A case study of institutional amalgamation, Elizabeth Hatton

Motivations of farm tourism hosts and guests in the South West Tapestry Region, Western Australia, Gloria Evelyn Marie Ingram

A profile of Farm tourism: the South West Tapestry Region of Western Australia, Gloria Evelyn Marie Ingram and Patricia Sherwood

Beauty makes money: Kawakawa's Hundertwasser toilet block, Lorna Kaino

Measuring cross cultural service quality: distingusihing cultural differences from measurement errors, Christine King

Rethinking regional development: The need for communitising the Philosophy of Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership, Robyn Morris

Home Alone: Uncovering the extent and value of Home-Based business in Regional Communities, Robyn Morris and S Pike

Philophonetics counselling for prevention of burnout in nurses, Patricia Sherwood and T Yehuda

Physical activity levels, sporting, recreational and cultural preferences of students and staff at a regional university campus, Genevieve Stone, Joan Strikwerda-Brown, and Carmen Gregg

Submissions from 2001

Educational science, mental testing, and the ideology of intelligence, Barry Down

Keeping youth in communities: Education and out-migration in the south west, Robyn Eversole

Regional university access: a case study from the south west, Robyn Eversole

What is a business woman? View from the micro-economy of a bolivian city, Robyn Eversole

We'll be married in Fremantle, Julie Goyder

Measuring advertising effectiveness in primary health care settings, Carmen Gregg, T Manning, and Ray James

School development planning in a small primary school addressing the challenge in rural NSW, Elizabeth Hatton

Phenomenological research method, design and procedures: A phenomenolgical investigation of the phenomenon of being-in-community as experienced by two individuals who have participated in a community building workshop, Carl Holroyd

The 'problem of culture': a case study of some arts industries in Southwest Western Australia, Lorna Kaino

The corporate university and social work academic roles, Pauline Meemeduma

A grounded theory of nurse-client interactions in palliative care nuring, Adrian Morgan

Protective coping: a grounded theory of educative interactions in palliative care nursing, Adrian Morgan

Small business smart business: a case in meeting the training challenge, Robyn Morris

Policy decisionmaking models in practice: a case study of the Western Australian , Deborah O`Sullivan and Barry Down

Doing it by the book: A paradox in disaster management, Marilyn Palmer (Ext)

Buddhist contribution to social welfare in Australia, Patricia Sherwood

Client experience in psychotherapy: what heals and what harms?, Patricia Sherwood

Employer perspectives on counsellor competencies, Patricia Sherwood

No longer voiceless and exhausted: sport education and the primary generalist teacher, Joan Strikwerda-Brown and Andrew Taggart

Mathematics is stuffed, Paul Swan

Calculators: Shaping the way children think, Paul Swan and Len Sparrow

Strategies for gong mental, Paul Swan and Len Sparrow