Submissions from 2009

The challenge of preserving rural industries and traditions in ultraperipheral Europe: Evidence from the Canary Islands, Abel Alonso, Pascal Scherrer, and Lynnaire Sheridan


Peat fires and air quality: volatile organic compounds and particulates. , David J. Blake, Andrea L. Hinwood, and Pierre Horwitz

Water stress vulnerability of four Banksia species in contrasting ecohydrological habitats on the Gnangara Mound, Western Australia., Caroline Canham, Raymond Froend, and William Stock

Tourism research to tourism practice: The need for adaptive institutions in Western Australia's Ningaloo region, Kelly Chapman, Pierre Horwitz, Pascal Scherrer, and Jeremy Northcote

Evolutionary relationships of sprint speed in Australian varanid lizards, Chris Clemente, Graham Thompson, and Philip Withers

Metabolic rate and endurance capacity in Australian varanid lizards (Squamata; Varanidae; Varanus), Christofer Clemente, Philip Withers, and Graham Thompson

Global patterns of foliar nitrogen isotopes and their relationships with climate, mycorrhizal fungi, foliar nutrient concentrations, and nitrogen availability. , Joseph Craine, Andrew Elmore, Marcos Aidar, Mercedes Bustamante, Todd Dawson, Erik Hobbie, Ansgar Kahmen, Michelle Mack, Kendra McLauchaln, Anders Michelsen, Gabriela Nardoto, Linda Pardo, Josep Penuelas, Peter Reich, Edward Schuur, William Stock, Pamela Templer, Ross Virginia, Jeffrey Welker, and Ian Wright

Grazing and landscape controls on nitrogen availability across 330 South African savanna sites., Joseph M Craine, Fiona Ballantyne, Michael Peel, Nick Zambatis, Carl Morrow, and William Stock


Pines and the ecology of Carnaby‘s Black-Cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) in the Gnangara Sustainability Strategy study area., Hugh Finn, William Stock, and Leonie Valentine


Wetland Invertebrate Richness and Endemism on the Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia, Pierre Horwitz, Ruth Rogan, Stuart Halse, Jenny Davis, and Beate Sommer

Cultural conservation biology, Pierre Horwitz and Grant Wardell-Johnson

Journalism research and democracy: Moving out of the Western orbit, Beate Josephi

Effects of different mobilities of leaf and woody litters on litter carbon dynamics in arid ecosystems in Western Australia, Shungo Kumada, Takuya Kawanishi, Yoshishige Hayashi, Hiroyuki Hamano, Satoko Kawarasaki, Shin-ichi Aikawa, Nobuhide Takahashi, Yasuyuki Egashira, Hiroyuki Tanouchi, T Kojima, Adrianne Kinnear, and K Yamada

Biological Remediation of Low Sulphate Acidic Pit Lake Waters With Limestone PH Neutralisation and Nutrients, Mark Lund and Clint Mccullough

Aquatic Pollutant assessment across multiple scales, Clinton Mccullough

Sustainable development of open pit mines: creating beneficial end uses for pit lakes, Clinton Mccullough, Douglas Hunt, and Louis Evans


More Than Water Quality: Environmental Limitations to a Fishery in Acid Pit Lakes of Collie, South-West Australia, Clint McCullough, Joseph Steenbergen, Carlieke te Beest, and Mark Lund


Toxicity of Acid Mine Pit Lake Water Remediated with Limestone and Phosphorus, Luke Neil, Clinton Mccullough, Mark Lund, Yuri Tsvetnenko, and Louis Evans

sea urchin Diadema antillarum Phillipi, 1845 influences the diversity and composition of the mobile mega-invertebrate community on rocky bottoms off the Canary Archipelago., Leonor Ortega, Fernando Tuya, and Ricardo J. Haroun


Water, ecology and health: Ecosystems as settings for promoting health and sustainability , Margot Parkes and Pierre Horwitz


Water Resources in Australian Mine Pit Lakes, Naresh Radhakrishnan, Clinton Mccullough, and Mark Lund

Spatial patterns in the population structure of the whelk Stramonita haemastoma (Linnaeus, 1766) in an Atlantic oceanic Archipelago: comparison with continental areas, Rubén Ramírez, Fernando Tuya, and Ricardo J. Haroun

The consequences of allowing unrestricted tourist access at an Aboriginal site in a fragile environment: the erosive effect of trampling, Alana Rossi and Esmee Webb

Expanding the destination image: wine tourism in the Canary Islands, Pascal Scherrer, Abel Alonso, and Lynnaire Sheridan


Expedition Cruising in Australia: Proactive Steps Towards Change for Sustainability, Pascal Scherrer, Amanda Smith, and Ross Dowling


Evolution underground: A molecular phylogenetic investigation of Australian burrowing freshwater crayfish (Decapoda: Parastacidae) with particular focus on Engaeus Erichson, Mark B. Schultz, Sarah A. Smith, Pierre Horwitz, Alastair MM Richardson, Keith A. Crandall, and Christopher M. Austin

Wine tourism as a development initiative in rural Canary Island communities, Lynnaire Sheridan, Abel Alonso, and Pascal Scherrer

Oil mallees provide foraging habitat for the Western Pygmy Possum (Cercartetus concinnus) in the wheatbelt of Western Australia, Marie Short, Francis Patrick Smith, and Eddie Van Etten


Impacts on Aboriginal Spirituality and Culture from Tourism in the Coastal Waterways of the Kimberley Region, North West Australia, Amanda J. Smith, Pascal Scherrer, and Ross Dowling


Macroinvertebrate Cycles of Decline and Recovery in Swan Coastal Plain (Western Australia) Wetlands Affected by Drought Induced Acidification, Beate Sommer and Pierre Horwitz

Browsing and fire interact to suppress tree density in an African Savanna, A. Carla Staver, William J Bond, William Stock, Sue J van Rensberg, and Matthew S Waldram

Comparative temperature in funnel and pit traps, Graham Thompson and Scott Thompson

A cased for in-situ management of Western Ringtail Possums, Pseudocheirus occidentalis, in development areas, Scott Thompson and Graham Thompson

Range extensions for the Barking Gecko, Nephrurus milii (Squamata: Gekkonidae), Scott Thompson, Graham Thompson, and Graeme Finlayson

Phytogeography of the Lusitanian Macaronesia: biogeographic affinities in species richness and assemblage composition, Fernando Tuya and Ricardo J. Haroun

The habitats of the Western Ausrtalian soldier crab Myctyris accidentalis Unno 2008 (Brachyra: Myctyridae) across its biogeographical range, Joyleen Unno and Vic Semeniuk

Inter-annual rainfall variability in arid Australia: greater than elsewhere? , Eddie Van Etten

Response of fringing vegetation to flooding and discharge of hypersaline water at Lake Austin, Western Australia, Eddie Van Etten and Simone Vellekoop

Infield Detection of Arsenic Using Portable Digital Voltameter, PDV6000, Magdalena Wajrak

Utilisation and Validation of a Rapid, On-Site Capability for Metal Analysis, Magdalena Wajrak and Peter McCafferty

Authentic Assessment - “ Mission Possible or Mission Impossible?, Magdalena Wajrak and Timothy Perkins

The Science of Conservation Biology, Grant Wardell-Johnson and Pierre Horwitz

Historical nitrogen content of bryophyte tissue as an indicator of increased nitrogen deposition in the Cape Metropolitan Area, South Africa, Daniel Wilson, William Stock, and Terry Hedderson

Submissions from 2008

Acari (mite) assemblages under plantations of bluegum, Eucalyptus globulus, in southwest Australia., Honi Adolphson and Adrianne Kinnear

Importance of tasting rooms for Canary Islands' wineries, Abel Alonso, Lynnaire Sheridan, and Pascal Scherrer

Wine Tourism in the Canary Islands: An Exploratory Study, Abel Alonso, Lynnaire Sheridan, and Pascal Scherrer

Biomanagement of sago-sludge using an earthworm, Eudrilus eugeniae, J. Rajesh Banu, Ick Tae Yeom, S. Esakkiraj, Naresh Radhakrishnan, and S. Logakanthi

Biomanagement of sago-sludge using an earthworm, Lampito mauritii, J. Rajesh Banu, Ick Tae Yeom, Esakkiraj S., Naresh Radhakrishnan, Young Woo Lee, and Vallinayagam S.

Identification Of Hairy, Smooth And Hybrid Marron (Decapoda: Parastacidae) In The Margaret River: Morphology And Allozymes. , John JS Bunn, Annette Koenders, Christopher M. Austin, and Pierre Horwitz

Higher than predicted endurance for juvenile goannas (Varanidae; Varanus), Christofer Clemente, Philip Withers, and Graham Thompson

Nutrient concentration ratios and co-limitation in South African grasslands, Joseph M Craine, Carl Morrow, and William Stock

The Night Parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis) in northern Western Australia: a recent sighting from the Pilbara region, Robert Davis and B Metcalf

Range extension of the Western Heath Dragon Rankinia adelaidensis and Gray's legless lizard Delma grayii with notes on the distribution of southern Swan coastal plain reptiles, Robert Davis and Jennifer Wilcox

Human Evolution -- Where from Here?, David Goodall


Human exposure to metals in groundwater affected by acid sulfate soil disturbance, Andrea Hinwood, Pierre Horwitz, and Ruth Rogan

Assessing urinary levoglucosan and methoxyphenols as biomarkers for use in woodsmoke exposure studies., Andrea Hinwood, Masooma Trout, John Murby, Caroline Barton, and Bob Symons


Hydrological change escalates risk of ecosystem stress in Australia's threatened biodiversity hotspot, Pierre Horwitz, Don Bradshaw, Stephen Hopper, Peter Davies, Raymond Froend, and Felicity Bradshaw


Field-Scale Demonstration of the Potential for Sewage to Remediate Acidic Mine Waters, Clinton Mccullough, Mark Lund, and Joel May

Changes in nutrient profile of soil subjected to bioleaching for removal of heavy metals using Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans, Naresh Radhakrishnan and R. Nagendran

Bioleaching of heavy metals from contaminated soil using Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans: effect of sulfur/soil ratio, Naresh Radhakrishnan, R. Nagendran, and K. Parvathi

Maintaining Momentum: The Challenge of a Workplace Physical Activity Program to Sustain Motivation and Activity, Pascal Scherrer, Nadine Henley, Lynnaire Sheridan, Ruth Sibson, and Maria Ryan


Sea-level changes and palaeo-ranges: reconstruction of ancient shorelines and river drainages and the phylogeography of the Australian land crayfish Engaeus sericatus Clark (Decapoda: Parastacidae), Mark B. Schultz, Daniel A. Ierdiaconou, Sarah A. Smith, Pierre Horwitz, Alastair MM Richardson, Keith A. Crandall, and Christopher M. Austin

The Western Australian Soldier Crab, Mictyris Occidentalis Unno 2008 (Brachyura: Decapoda:Mictyridae): The Importance of Behaviour in Design of Sampling Methods., Joyleen Unno

Ichnological Studies of the Western Australian Soldier Crab Myctyris Occidentalis Unno 2008: Correlations of Field and Aquarium Observations, Joyleen Unno and V. Semeniuk


Food Resources of Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) in the Gnangara Sustainability Strategy study area., Leonie E. Valentine and William Stock

Ecological Engineering by a Mega-Grazer: White Rhino Impacts on a South African Savanna, Matthew S Waldram, William J Bond, and William Stock

Nutrient requirements of in vitro cultured Halophila ovalis and Posidoniq coriacea: nitrogen source, Julia Wilson and Ian Bennett

Submissions from 2007


Morphological, growth and meadow characteristics of the seagrass Posidonia sinuosa along a depth-related gradient of light availability, CJ Collier, Paul Lavery, RJ Masini, and PJ Ralph

Excerpta Botanica - a valuable bibliographical source for vegetation science, David Goodall


Risk Factors for Increased BTEX Exposure in Four Australian Cities, Andrea Hinwood, Clemencia Rodriguez, Tina Runnion, Drew Farrar, Frank Murray, Anthony Horton, Deborah Glass, Vicky Sheppeard, John Edwards, Lynnette Denison, Tom Whitworth, Chris Eiser, Max Bulsara, Rob Gillett, Jenny Powell, S Lawson, Ian Weeks, and Ian Galbally


Bait Uptake and Caching by Red Foxes and Nontarget Species in Urban Reserves, Jennifer Jackson, Dorian Moro, Peter Mawson, Mark Lund, and Amanda Mellican


New species of Andersonia (Ericaceae) of conservation concern, Kristina L. Lemson

Effect of pH on chromium biosorption by chemically treated Saccharomyces cerevisiae, K. Parvathi, R. Nagendran, and Naresh Radhakrishnan

Lead biosorption onto waste beer yeast by-product, a means to decontaminate effluent generated from battery manufacturing industry, K. Parvathi, R. Nagendran, and Naresh Radhakrishnan

Biosorption of manganese by Aspergillus niger and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, K. Parvathi, Naresh Radhakrishnan, and R. Nagendran

Manganese biosorption sites of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, K. Parvathi, Naresh Radhakrishnan, and R. Nagendran

Influence of initial pH on bioleaching of heavy metals from contaminated soil employing indigenous Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans, Naresh Radhakrishnan and R Nagendran

Microbial solubilization of heavy metals from soil using indigenous sulfur oxidizing bacterium: Effects of sulfur/soil ratio, Naresh Radhakrishnan, R. Nagendran, and K. Parvathi

Submissions from 2006

The effect of nitrogen source and concentration, medium pH and buffering on in vitro shoot growth and rooting in Eucalyptus marginata, Ian Bennett, Andrew Woodward, and Surachai Pusswonge

What are they taking us for? The Participatory Nature of Western Australia's Regional Forest Agreement Process, Martin Brueckner, John Duff, Richard Mckenna, and Pierre Horwitz

Emus as non-standard seed dispersers and their potential for long-distance dispersal, Maria Calvino-Cancela, Robert Dunn, Eddie Van Etten, and Byron Lamont


Groundwater-Dependent Ecosystems: The Where, What and Why of GDEs, Derek Eamus and Raymond Froend


Learning and capacity building for irrigators in Western Australia's East Wanneroo Area: A theoretical framework for educational provision and a sketch of the socioecological context, Nan Hewitt and Pierre Horwitz


Volatile Organic Compounds in Selected Micro-Environments, Andrea Hinwood, Henry Berko, Drew Farrar, Ian Galbally, and Ian Weeks

The relationship between changes in daily air pollution and hospitalizations in Perth, Australia 1992-1998: A case-cross over study, Andrea Hinwood, Nick de Klerk, Clemencia Rodriguez, Peter Jacoby (ext), Tina Runnion, Peter Rye, Louis Landau, Frank Murray, Mark Feldwick, and Jeff Spickett


Opportunities For Sustainable Mining Pit Lakes in Australia, Clinton Mccullough and Mark Lund

Recovery of Alpine Herbfield on a Closed Walking Track in the Kosciuszko Alpine Zone, Australia, Pascal Scherrer and Pickering Catherine Marina

Managing visitor impacts in the Australian Alps: a case study in informal track development and track recovery, Pascal Scherrer and Andrew Growcock

Recovery of Alpine Herbfield on a Closed Walking Track in the Kosciuszko Alpine Zone, Australia, Pascal Scherrer and Catherine Marina Pickering


Managing Visitor Impacts Along Australia's Remote Kimberley Coast - The Forgotten Dimension of Balancing Country, Pascal Scherrer, Amanda J. Smith, and Ross Dowling

Submissions from 2005


The use of science in environmental policy:A case study of the Regional Forest Agreement process in Western Australia, Martin Brueckner and Pierre Horwitz

Why 'A forest conscienceness'?, Michael C. Calver, Heidi Bigler-Cole, Geoffery Bolton (ext), John Dargavel, Andrea Gaynor, Pierre Horwitz, Jenny Mills, and G Wardell-Johnson

A range extension for Lerista lineopunctulata and a second record of Lerista lineata, near Yalgorup, Western Australia, Robert Davis and M Bamford

Embryonic Survival and Egg Numbers in Small and Large Populations of the Frog Heleioporus albopunctatus in Western Australia, Robert Davis and J Roberts

Population genetic structure of the western spotted frog, Heleioporus albopunctatus (Anura: Myobatrachidae), in a fragmented landscape in south-western Australia, Robert Davis and J Roberts

Human health and forested ecosystems: Exploring historical transitions of diseases and perceptions, Marisa Gilles and Pierre Horwitz

Potential health impacts associated with peat smoke: a review, Andrea Hinwood and Clemencia Rodriguez (ext)


Fire and wetland soils and sediments on the Swan Coastal Plain: An introduction, Pierre Horwitz and Ralph Douglas Smith


Water quality responses to fire, with particular reference to organic-rich wetlands and the Swan Coastal Plain: A review, Pierre Horwitz and Beate Sommer


Parasites, ecosystems and sustainability: An ecological and complex systems perspective, Pierre Horwitz and Bruce Wilcox