Submissions from 2008

Australian Defense Force Policy and the use of WPA2 as a security option for deployment of 802.11 wireless devices in the field, Drew Mceniery and Andrew Woodward

Email �Message-IDs� Helpful for Forensic Analysis?, Satheesaan Pasupatheswaran

Subverting National Internet Censors: An Investigation into Existing Tools and Techniques, Jason Smart, Kyle Tedeschi, Daniel Meakins, Peter Hannay, and Christopher Bolan

Industrial Espionage from Residual Data: Risks and Countermeasures, Ian Sutherland and Andrew Jones

Nuclear Radiation: Properties, Characteristics, And Radiological Dispersal Devices., Geoffrey Swan

Malware, Viruses and Log Visualisation, Iain Swanson

Virtual Environments Support Insider Security Violations, Iain Swanson and Patricia Williams


Malware Detection and Removal: An Examination of Personal Anti-Virus Software, Patryk Szewczyk and Murray Brand

The Impact Of U3 Devices On Forensic Analysis., Ravi Tank and Patricia Williams

Network security isnt all fun and games: an analysis of information transmitted whilst playing Team Fortress 2, Brett Turner and Andrew Woodward

Securing a Wireless Network With EAP-TLS: Perception and Realities of its Implementation, Brett Turner and Andrew Woodward


The Malware Analysis Body of Knowledge (MABOK), Craig Valli and Murray William Brand


A Study into the Forensic Recoverability of Data from 2nd Hand Blackberry Devices: World-Class Security, Foiled by Humans, Craig Valli and Andrew Jones


The 2008 Australian Study of Remnant Data Contained on 2nd Hand Hard Disks: The Saga Continues, Craig Valli and Andrew Woodward


A Practical Application of CMM to Medical Security Capability, Patricia Williams


Can an Adapted Clinical Governance Model be used to Improve Medical Information Security?, Patricia Williams


How Addressing Implementation Issues Can Assist in Medical Information Security Governance. , Patricia Williams


In a "trusting" environment, everyone is responsible for information security, Patricia Williams


Is There an Ideal Forensic Process?, Patricia Williams

Can Intrusion Detection Implementation be Adapted to End-User Capabilities?, Patricia Williams and Renji Mathew


Trust me. I am a Doctor. Your Records Are Safe..., Patricia Williams and Craig Valli

What Artefacts do Current BitTorrent Clients Leave Behind? , Andrew Woodward

Forensic implications of using the firewire memory exploit with Microsoft Windows XP, Andrew Woodward and Peter Hannay


Issues Common to Australian Critical Infrastructure Providers Scada Networks Discovered Through Computer and Network Vulnerability Analysis. , Andrew Woodward and Craig Valli

Submissions from 2007

The effectiveness of investigative tools for Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card forensics, Haitham Al Hajri and Patricia Williams

The need for a security/privacy model for the health sector in Ghana, James Tetteh Ami-Narh and Patricia Williams

Identifying Criteria which Influence the Effectiveness of Public Profiles in Online Learning Environments, Gregory Baatard

Teaching PHP with Security in Mind, Gregory Baatard

A Single Channel Attack on 915MHz Radio Frequency Identification Systems, Christopher Bolan

KILL Features of RFID Tags in a Medical Environment: Boon or Burden?, Christopher Bolan

Radio Frequency Identification: a review of low cost tag security proposals, Christopher Bolan

Advanced User Authentication for Mobile Devices, NL Clarke and Steven Furnell

Authenticating mobile phone users using keystroke analysis, NL Clarke and Steven Furnell

An Assessment of Website Password Practices, Steven Furnell

Making Security Usable: Are Things Improving?, Steven Furnell

Assessing the Security Perceptions of Personal Internet Users, Steven Furnell, P Bryant, and AD Phippen

Information Security Surveys: A Review of the Methodologies, the Critics and a Pragmatic Approach to their Purposes and Usage, Alexis Guillot and Susan Kennedy

Pocket SDV with SDGuardian: A Secure & Forensically Safe Portable Execution Environment, Peter Hannay and Peter James

A forensically tested tool for identification of notebook computers to aid recovery: LIARS phase 1 proof of concept, Peter Hannay, Andrew Woodward, and Nicholas Cope

Network Security - Is IP Telephony helping the cause?, Paul Hansen and Andrew Woodward

How safe is Azeroth, or are MMORPGs a security risk?, An Hilven and Andrew Woodward

Securing VoIP - a framework to mitigate or manage risks, Peter James and Andrew Woodward

A framework for the management of information security risks, Andrew Jones

Anti-Forensics and the Digital Forensics Investigator, Gary Kessler

Experiences and Methodologies Teaching Hands-On Cyberforensics Skills Online, Gary Kessler

User Perception of the Security & Privacy Concerns of RFID Technology, F Li, N Clarke, and Christopher Bolan


The issues in securing electronic health information in transit, Rachel Mahncke and Patricia Williams

Implications for use of different encryption algorithms on power consumption for mobile devices in the healthcare industry, Danny Ng and Andrew Woodward

A Non-Intrusive Biometric Authentication Mechanism Utilising Physiological Characteristics of the Human Head, PM Rodwell, Steven Furnell, and PL Reynolds

An approach in identifying and tracing back spoofed IP packets to their sources, Krishnun Sansurooah

An overview and examination of digital PDA devices under forensics toolkits., Krishnun Sansurooah


ADSL Router Forensics Part 1: An Introduction to a New Source of Electronic Evidence, Patryk Szewczyk


An Examination of the Asus WL-HDD 2.5 as a Nepenthes Malware Collector, Patryk Szewczyk

A New Taxonomy for Comparing Intrusion Detection Systems, CJ Tucker, Steven Furnell, BV Ghita, and PJ Brooke


IT Sharps: Issues Relating to Securely Disposing of Hard Disks From Medical Information Systems, Craig Valli


Oops they did it again: The 2007 Australian study of remnant data contained on 2nd hand hard disks, Craig Valli and Andrew Woodward


An Overview of ADSL Homed Nepenthes Honeypots In Western Australia., Craig Valli and Aaron Wooten


A holistic perspective on models for medical information security, Patricia Williams


Medical data security: Are you informed or afraid?, Patricia Williams

Medical insecurity: when one size does not fit all, Patricia Williams


Wireless Rx - Risk assessment and recommendations for securing a wireless network in a medical practice, Andrew Woodward and Patricia Williams


Profiling Through a Digital Mobile Device, Lee Fueng Yap and Andrew Jones

Submissions from 2006

Do No Harm: The Use of RFID Tags in a Medical Environment, Christopher Bolan

Strategies for the Blocking of RFID Tags, Christopher Bolan

The Lazarus Effect: Resurrecting Killed RFID Tag, Christopher Bolan

Mapping the consensual knowledge of security risk management experts, David Brooks

A Composite User Authentication Architecture for Mobile Devices, Nathan Clarke and Steven Furnell

Does your wireless LAN have criminal intent?, Michael Crowley and Andrew Woodward

Security-Relevant Semantic Patterns of BPEL in Cross-Organisational Business Processes, Klaus Fischer, Udo Bleimann, Woldemar Fuhrmann, and Steven Furnell

Assessing the usability of WLAN security for SOHO users, Bogdan Ghita and Steven Furnell

A Methodology for the Examination of the Effectivness of Secure Erasure Tools Running on Windows XP - Research in Progress, Anthony Hadfield, Michael Ahern, Leo Sell, and Andrew Woodward


The implementation of E-mail content management in a large corporation, Keir Hansen and Craig Valli


Honeypots: How do you know when you're inside one?, Simon Innes and Craig Valli

A Global Review of Information Remaining on Disks Disposed of by Organisations, Andrew Jones


The 2006 Analysis of Information Remaining on Disks Offered for Sale on the Second Hand Market, Andrew Jones, Craig Valli, Iain Sutherland, and Paula Thomas

Evaluation of end-user application security from a usability perspective, Dimitris Katsabas, Steven Furnell, and Paul Dowland

Risks and Responsibilities in Establishing a Wireless Network for an Educational Institution, Leigh Knights, Matt Fonceca, Georgina Mack, and Andrew Woodward

Risk and Restitution: Assessing how users establish online trust, Hazel Lacohee, Andy Phippen, and Steven Furnell

Secure transmission of shared electronic health records, Rachel Mahncke and Patricia Williams

A study of the compliance of alarm installations in Perth, Western Australia: Are security alarm systems being installed to Australian Standard AS2201.1 - 'systems installed in a client's premises', Robert Mclaughlin and David Brooks


A Forensic Log File Extraction Tool for ICQ Instant Messaging Clients, Kim Morfitt and Craig Valli

Achieving Automated Intrusion Response: A Prototype Implementation, Maria Papadaki and Steven Furnell

Designing and explaining programs with a literate pseudocode, Geoffrey Roy

An assessment of threats of the Physical and MAC Address Layers in WiMAX/802.16, Krishnun Sansurooah

Taxonomy of computer forensics methodologies and procedures for digital evidence seizure., Krishnun Sansurooah

A Digital forensic practitioner's guide to giving evidence in a court of law, Shayne Sherman


Individuals Perceptions of Wireless Security in the Home Environment, Patryk Szewczyk


Personal Firewalls - Testing Robustness, Patryk Szewczyk and Craig Valli

Tags at War: A Review of the United States Department of Defence RFID Tag Data Standard, Nadezda Urosevic and Christopher Bolan

Tags at war: A review of the United States Department of Defence RFID tag data standard, Uros Urosevic and Christopher Bolan


A Preliminary Investigation into Malware Propagation on Australian ISP Networks using the mwcollect Malware Collector daemon, Craig Valli


Establishing a vendor neutral skills based framework for digital forensics curriculum development and competence assessment, Craig Valli


SQL Injection - Threats to Medical Systems: The Issues and Countermeasures, Craig Valli

Use of bootable Linux CDs for the delivery of educational course content, Craig Valli

Telemedicine and the digital door doctor, Darren Webb and Patricia Williams

Apprasing information security rituals in primary care medical practice, Patricia Williams

Making research real: Is action research a suitable methodology for medical information security, Patricia Williams

Security immunization using basic countermeasures, Patricia Williams

The role of standards in medical information security: an opportunity for improvement, Patricia Williams


Primary care information security: a case study for practical assistance, Patricia Williams and Rachel Mahncke