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Conference Proceeding


Edith Cowan University


Refereed paper from the Creative Connections symposium held at ECU in conjunction with the Biennial of Electronic Arts Perth on September 4th, 2004.


This project proposes to model the activities and roles of a visiting Research Fellow and an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) with the intention of applying the key educational features and strategies to the online environment. Where feasible, the aim is to replicate the role of a Research Fellow online by enlisting the services of well-known artists to contribute their expertise and creative input to the teaching activities of a University School of Art. The primary purpose is to support and enhance the delivery of quality learning outcomes for the Curtin BA (Art) Online degree. The project also presents an opportunity to establish wider contact with audiences that have an interest in interacting with an online AIR site to access or contribute research materials and participate in the available creative activities. Of equal importance, the project represents an example of how Curtin is able to form unique collaborations between divergent areas of interest. In this instance, the partnership combines the expertise of the Faculty of Built Environment (BEAD), the School of Art and Design, and the Learning Support Network (LSN). The project will support the enhancement of several established Teaching and Learning programmes, namely: • the on-campus Teaching and Learning programmes at the Curtin campus at Bentley in Western Australia • the online Bachelor of Arts (Art) degree delivered through Open Learning Australia (OLA) • the Biennale of Electronic Arts (BEAP) 2004 conference programme.