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Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts


This dataset contains a millisecond-accurate record of Billy Higgins' jazz swing ride rhythm on a selection of recordings between 1959 and 1964. Calculations have been made to also record the beat and upbeat lengths, and the swing ratio for each completion of the jazz swing ride rhythm. An overall swing ratio average for each recording is included.



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The Shape of Jazz: Quantifying the Micro-Rhythm of Billy Higgins' Ride Cymbal

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The project analysed the exact swing ratios of the jazz swing ride rhythm executed by Billy Higgins, which were then discussed through quantitative and qualitative swing methodologies.


The recordings were imported into the SoundForge 4 software to produce a spectrogram. This was then visually analysed to identify the beginning of each stick stroke of the jazz swing ride rhythm accurate to one millisecond, recorded in a format of [seconds].[milliseconds].

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The tables are organised to represent 10 samples in each minute of the recording named in the file title, for a total of five minutes. Each table describes an onset, upbeat, and completion item for each component of the swing jazz ride rhythm. Figures for beat length and upbeat length are then calculated based on those figures, and a swing ratio is calculated for the completed beat sample. An average swing ratio for that minute of samples is included at the bottom right of each table, and an overall swing ratio average is included at the far left of the spreadsheet.

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