WAMSI 2 - Kimberley Node - Project 1.1.3 - Ecological connectivity of Kimberley marine communities (ECU - AIMS) [dataset]

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Kathryn McMahon

ORCID: 0000-0003-4355-6247

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James Gilmour: j.gilmour@aims.gov.au


Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) project funded by Western Australian State Government and research partners.


The overarching objective is to infer the routine distances of dispersal and patterns of connectivity among key populations within the Kimberley. Nine sub-projects will address this objective. The data provided by these methods are complimentary, and each improves the others. The projects and objectives can be summarised as:

- Existing samples and desktop study

- Genetic analyses

- Coral stock-recruitment and larval durations

- Fish otolith microchemistry

Genotypes data have been generated from seven marine organisms:

1. Tectus niloticus - gastropod (CSIRO)

2. Pomacentrus milleri - fish (CSIRO)

3. Lutjanus carponotatus - fish (CSIRO)

4. Halophila ovalis - seagrass (ECU)

5. Thalassia hemprichii - seagrass (ECU)

6. Isopora brueggmanni - coral (AIMS)

7. Acropora aspera - coral (AIMS)

There is a CSIRO metadata record that describes data for Tectus niloticus; Pomacentrus milleri and Lutjanus carponotatus (http://www.marlin.csiro.au/geonetwork/srv/eng/search# !0d389dab-d6e2-4895-ba09-389e689b565e)

Spatial representation type :

Vector: vector data is used to represent geographic data

StereoModel: three-dimensional view formed by the intersecting homologous rays of an overlapping pair of images

Geographic bounding :

North bound: -16.00000, West bound: 123.50000, East bound: 122.70000, South bound:-16.70000


Samples obtained from a total of 5009 individuals and 157 sites were genotyped using either single nucleotide polymorphism DNA markers (SNPs; corals, mollusc, fishes) or microsatellite DNA markers (seagrass) (see thumbnail). For further details refer to final report.



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Access record on the Australian Ocean Data Network here

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WAMSI 2 - Kimberley Node - Project 1.1.3 - Ecological connectivity of Kimberley marine communities

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