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Design Process Investigation

Dr Christopher Kueh - Edith Cowan University

Christopher is a design educator/researcher, practicing information designer and design strategist. He is currently teaching Design at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. With his expertise in user-centred design and trans-disciplinary research, Christopher has established strong research, teaching and consultancy records. Christopher continues to explore design research and the possibilities of applying design approaches to solve organisational, business and social problems.

Dr Stuart Medley – Edith Cowan University

Stuart is a Senior Lecturer and the coordinator for 2-Deminsional Design at Edith Cowan University. He has a PhD based on the paradox that less realism allows more accurate communication. His comics have been published in Deanne Cheuk’s Mu and Neomu magazines. He has spoken at various conferences including TypoGraphic2005, Lebanon, and the NewViews2 2008 conference at the LCC in London, and has lectured in the German and Swiss capitals. His writing about design has been published in Visual:Design:Scholarship, the Journal of the Image, the Australasian Medical Journal and Studies in Comics. He is the designer for Hidden Shoal Recordings, a critically acclaimed record label with a roster of international artists.

Alun Price – Edith Cowan University

Alun is currently Senior Lecturer and the coordinator for Environmental and Spatial Design at Edith Cowan University. He was a Senior Lecturer in Design At Curtin University and is a former Head of School at Curtin. In 2006 he was employed by the Western Australian Curriculum Council to develop and implement a new senior school Design course and remains as Chief Examiner and Chief Marker. In 2010 he commenced with ECU where he has implemented the new Environmental and Spatial Major. In 2012 he has piloted a new unit in collaborative design to provide skills and abilities for designers in an increasingly complex and interactive workplace. He has published in the areas of photography; design management; universal design and curriculum development.