Supporting student learning with digital audio: A low-tech approach

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This article was originally published as: Garner, S. K. (2008). Supporting student learning with digital audio: a low-tech approach. Proceedings of EDU-COM International Conference. (pp. 177-185). Khon Kaen, Thailand. Edith Cowan University. Original article available here


Advances in technology have made the use of digitized audio, often in the form of podcasts, more popular in recent years. The MP3 compression file format for such audio has become a defacto standard and the associated MP3 players are now ubiquitous. In the domain of eLearning, audio id perceived as a low-tech approach when compared with video technology. However such an approach can be useful as firstly, such audios can support mLearning as they can be listened to anywhere, and secondly, they are easy to produce for technology challenged instructors. This paper uses a teaching and learning framework as a basis for discussing how audio can support learning. It outlines some practical issues for instructors and students and provides suggestions for making the best use of audio. Some of the feedback obtained from online surveys that has been carried out with students at a university in Australia is utilised to support the discussion.

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