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Gulatee, Y. , & Combes, B. (2006). Identifying the Challenges in Teaching Computer Science Topics Online. Proceedings of EDU-COM International Conference. (pp. 206-213). Nong Khai, Thailand. Edith Cowan University. Available here.


In an attempt to provide educational opportunities to the students who are working or have other constraints on their time, many universities are developing distance education programs. In the past decade, web technology has been adopted to assist learners with studying at a distance. However, distance learning in the field of computer science, such as studying programming languages, remains challenging to teach via the web medium. There is little evidence that the effectiveness of web-based learning includes a process to solve complex problems. REFERENCES IN AN ABSTRACT!? In particular it can be problematic for technical subjects to be taught online because students find it very difficult to understand the subject content and ways of demonstrating cause and effect. As a result, the subject is potentially highly technical in nature, which may impede student ability to learn independently (that is, without staff assistance) in a fully online environment. Thus, there are some questions to be answered: How do we teach online? What works and what does not Identifying the challenges to teaching computer science topics online is relevant and as yet has not been fully addressed in the research literature .As a result, this paper aims to identify the challenges to teaching computer science topics online and identify useful supports to enhance learning through the informed use of web-based e-learning. The abstract should give an overview of the paper – what it covers and its conclusions

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