Document Type

Conference Proceeding


Educational Development Unit, Edith Cowan University

Place of Publication

Perth, Western Australia


Educational Development Unit


Summers, L.(Ed.). (1994). Quality teaching and learning: making it happen: the proceedings of the teaching & learning forum. Perth, Australia: Educational Development Unit, Edith Cowan University.


These papers represent the proceedings of the third Teaching and Learning Forum to be conducted in Perth, the first two by Curtin University and this one by Edith Cowan University....

The Forum was organised around three major themes - or at least it was in the beginning! Papers that were presented, and the discussion that was generated, led us to concede that there was really a great deal of interaction between the themes, which were:

• ways of defining quality

• working towards quality

• evaluating quality

Accordingly, we have not attempted to designate papers as being solely or even predominantly within any one of the themes. Rather, we present them in alphabetical order with outlines of workshops and short presentations taking their place alongside research papers- as was the case at the Forum.