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Centre for Ecosystem Management, Edith Cowan University

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Perth, Western Australia


Kinnear, A., & Garnett, P.


Centre for Ecosystem Management


Kinnear, A., Garnett, P., Bekle, H., & Upton, K. (1997). Yellagonga wetlands: a study of the water chemistry and aquatic fauna. Perth, Australia: Centre for Ecosystem Management, Edith Cowan University.


Wetlands worldwide are continually threatened by urbanisation and Western Australia is no exception. Since European settlement in 1829, it has been estimated that at least 75% of the wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain have disappeared (Halse, 1988). The remaining 25% continue to be threatened by eutrophication and pollution, changes in hydrology and water level patterns, clearing of riparian vegetation, aesthetic disruption and weed invasion (CALM, 1980; Davis and Rolls, 1987; Wrigley et al., 1991; Balla and Davis, 1995). These degradation components are interrelated and largely the consequence of the extensive removal of surrounding vegetation...

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