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Energy Reports




School of Engineering




Deanship of Scientific Research at Jouf University, Saudi Arabia under grant No (DSR-2021-02-03109)


Iqbal, H., Tariq, M., Sarfraz, M., Sarwat, A. I., Alhosaini, W., Aldosari, O., & Aziz, A. (2022). Selective harmonic mitigation based two-scale frequency control of cascaded modified packed U-cell inverters. Energy Reports, 8, 15, 1009-1020.


A new Modified Packed U-Cell (MPUC) converter architecture with cascading is proposed in this paper. To provide an output voltage of 25 levels, the proposed cascaded MPUC needs only twelve power switches and four power sources. The converter comprises two cascaded MPUCs with DC supply in a ratio of 5 : 1. One converter is operating at low frequency (LF) and the other at high frequency (HF) that leads to lower power losses and higher levels. Besides, a variable frequency method is anticipated to produce a 25-level output voltage which has low harmonic content (THD) with the help of Selective Harmonic Mitigation (SHM). The optimum switching angles for SHM are obtained through solving the SHM equations using the Genetic Algorithm (GA). The designed controller is efficient and suitable for applications that require low-frequency operation either in stand-alone or grid-tied. The proposed inverter and its operation procedure have been investigated using MATLAB®/Simulink software, and the findings demonstrate that the proposed inverter output voltage has reduced THD significantly. The simulation results are verified using the typhoon HIL-402 emulator. Also, the power loss analysis is done using PLECS. The maximum efficiency of the converter is found to be around 98.34 %. The simulation results justified the efficiency and viability of low 25-level THD voltages.



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