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Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology




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Kalantariasl, A., Farhadi, I., Farzani, S., & Keshavarz, A. (2022). A new comprehensive dimensionless inflow performance relationship for gas wells. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology. Advance online publication.


Prediction of gas well deliverability is important for reservoir management. Conventional flow after flow, isochronal or modified isochronal tests are common methods for calculation of well deliverability. Single-point test using Vogel-type dimensionless inflow performance relationships (IPR) was also proposed to overcome the need for multi-point tests. However, analysis of field data showed that existing dimensionless IPR correlations fail to accurately predict well deliverability for some reservoir conditions. In this study, a wide range of reservoir rock and fluid data was used to develop a comprehensive dimensionless IPR correlation for calculation of gas well deliverability from single-point test data. Multi-point well test data from 61 different gas wells of 15 fields were used to compare predicted absolute open flow (AOF) and calculated AOF from multi-point test data. The data used for validation of the proposed dimensionless IPR cover a wide range of actual AOFs (2.1–1411 MMSCF/D). Good agreement between predicted well deliverability from new dimensionless IPR and that from multi-point test was achieved. In addition, superiority of the new dimensionless IPR to previous correlations was confirmed for a wide range of reservoir conditions through error analysis. The average absolute error for new model is 11.6% (standard deviation of 8.5%) while for the other models are 85.9% (standard deviation of 148.1%) and 68.6% (standard deviation of 115.3%) for a wide range of field data.



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