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Tourism and Hospitality Management


Faculty of tourism and hospitality management, Croatia


School of Business and Law




Kim, E., Best, A.R. & Choi, K. (2023.). Mapping the research trends on social media in the hospitality sector from 2010 to 2020. Tourism and Hospitality Management, 29(2), 169-183.


Purpose: This study undertakes a systematic review of the literature to gain insight into existing studies on hospitality in social media and provide an update on current trends and themes in scholarship. Design: This study employs the systematic literature review to identify, evaluate, and synthesize the existing literature. Methodology: A total of 165 papers published between 2010–2020 were examined using content analysis and Leximancer. Approach: This review uses a hybrid review structure that incorporates structured reviews and narrative elements supported by Leximancer analysis. Findings: The review highlights the theories and methods used, research fields and perspectives, and key research topics in the hospitality industry, showing a lack of engagement with theories, the use of a dominant theoretical approach (eWOM), and the use of quantitative research methods primarily to analyze content data. Changes in research trends are evident to keep pace with increasing social media data and respond to the needs of different industries. Originality: This study contributes by also identifying several research gaps and provide future scholarly endeavors



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