Determinants of continuous intention to use retail apps: A hybrid PLS-ANN approach

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Journal Article

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Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice


Taylor & Francis


School of Business and Law




Abbasi, G. A., Goh, Y. N., Iranmanesh, M., & Liebana-Cabanillas, F. (2023). Determinants of continuous intention to use retail apps: A hybrid PLS-ANN approach. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. Advance online publication.


Although consumers’ intent to use retail applications (apps) over time is crucial to their success, academics have paid less attention to this factor. Using the attractiveness of alternatives as a moderator, this study aims to determine how users’ perceptions of app quality affect their propensity to use the app in the future through measures of performance confirmation and trust. The study analyzed the 435 acceptable responses using a hybrid approach incorporating partial least squares structural equation modeling and deep learning (artificial neural network). Results showed that utilitarian and hedonic performance confirmation and trust drive the use of retail apps. Service and information qualities validate trust and utilitarian and hedonic performance confirmation. System quality solely influences utilitarian performance confirmation. The attractiveness of alternatives adversely moderates utilitarian performance confirmation and continuation intention. The novel theoretical model integrating stimulus–organism–reaction model and information system success model reveals the relative importance of specific aspects, providing a better understanding of retail app users’ continuation intention.



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