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Current Issues in Tourism


Taylor & Francis


School of Business and Law




Elzek, Y. S., Soliman, M., Al Riyami, H., & Scott, N. (2023). Talent management and sustainable performance in travel agents: do green intellectual capital and green servant leadership matter?. Current Issues in Tourism, advance online publication.


Talent management (TM) can contribute to improving sustainable business performance in the face of a competitive and socially responsible environment. The use of TM to improve tourism staff skills and motivation is contentious, given such jobs are seen as routine and low-paid. Indeed, the precise processes through which TM techniques support sustained performance outcomes in tourism enterprises requires examination. This paper provides empirical evidence for the impact of TM practices on sustainable organizational performance (SOP). This effect of TM on performance is mediated by green intellectual capital (GIC). The moderating role of green servant leadership (GSL) on the link between GIC and SOP is also examined. PLS-SEM was employed to analyze 327 responses collected from travel agencies employees in Egypt. The results reveal that as expected, TM practices have significant effects on GIC, which in turn significantly impacts SOP. The mediating role of GIC on the relationship between TM practices (apart from talent retention) and SOP is supported. However, the moderating role of GSL is not confirmed. These results demonstrate the importance of an inclusive approach to developing staff, leading to intellectual capital and improved organizational sustainability. The study highlights the importance of strategic workforce planning and succession management.



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