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Disability and Rehabilitation


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Stroke Foundation (Australia) / National Health and Medical Research Council / Raine Foundation


Lynch, E. A., Nolan, J., Bulto, L. N., Mitchel, J., McGrath, A., Lane, S., . . . Godecke, E. (2023). Is learning being supported when information is provided to informal carers during inpatient stroke rehabilitation? A qualitative study. Disability and Rehabilitation. Advance online publication.


Purpose: To explore how health professionals provide information to informal carers during inpatient stroke rehabilitation and whether these practices align with adult learning principles. Methods: Informal carers and survivors of stroke who had completed inpatient rehabilitation, and health professionals working in inpatient stroke rehabilitation were interviewed. Directed qualitative content analysis was conducted using an adult learning model, to determine how closely reported practices aligned to adult learning principles. Results: 14 carers, 6 survivors of stroke and 17 health professionals participated. Carers (79% female, 57% spouse/partner) reported having incomplete knowledge during rehabilitation, lacking information about mechanisms of stroke recovery, rehabilitation processes, long-term effects of stroke, and navigating post-discharge services. Health professionals supported carers to address their learning needs related to safety of caring for stroke survivors. Carers indicated they were responsible for their own non-safety related learning. Health professionals tended not to check carers’ understanding of information provided nor offer learning opportunities beyond written or verbal information. Conclusions: Health professionals consistently provide certain information to carers during inpatient rehabilitation, but adult learning principles are not routinely applied when information is provided. Fostering adult learning among informal carers may improve preparedness of carers to support stroke survivors after discharge from inpatient rehabilitation. © 2023 The Author(s). Published by Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.



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