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Journal of Further and Higher Education


Taylor & Francis


School of Business and Law


Jackson, D., & Li, I. (2024). Perceived skill outcomes among coursework and research graduates and evolution over time. Journal of Further and Higher Education. Advance online publication.


This study explores perceived skill outcomes among graduates of 39 Australian higher education institutions in the short- to medium-term after course completion. While acknowledging important dimensions of graduate employability beyond the skills-based approach, we investigated graduate perspectives on their industry-relevant skill outcomes from university, in preparation for employment. Using national data, we build on earlier research by examining the viewpoints of 24,044 research and coursework graduates, at all levels, at six months and three years post-graduation. We found that as graduates progressed in their careers, perceived skill outcomes from university became less favourable, particularly among coursework graduates. Further, we observed differing perceptions among student groups, emphasising the potential learning gain for non-traditional student groups participating in skill-related interventions, such as work-integrated learning, and the need to design activities which cater to differing needs and are accessible by all. The study highlights how exploring graduate perspectives into the longer term can develop our understanding of the value of university education for enhancing skills and identifying potential areas for curriculum review.



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