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Geophysical Research Letters




School of Engineering / Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources


Australian Research Council's Discovery Projects funding scheme. Grant Number: DP220102907

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ARC Number : DP220102907


Sedev, R., Akhondzadeh, H., Ali, M., Keshavarz, A., & Iglauer, S. (2022). Contact Angles of a Brine on a Bituminous Coal in Compressed Hydrogen. Geophysical Research Letters, 49(8), p. 1-6, e2022GL098261.


Hydrogen storage is a main issue in the establishment of a hydrogen economy. Geo-storage could be a viable solution if hydrogen could be injected into and withdrawn from suitable geological formations, reversibly and reliably. Rock wettability is a major factor as it affects injectivities, withdrawal rates, storage capacities, and containment security. We report here the contact angles of a brine on the surface of a bituminous coal in a pressurized hydrogen atmosphere. Under realistic geo-storage conditions the coal surface was weakly water-wet. Hydrogen pressure increased brine contact angles at 25°C but did not have an impact at 50 or 70°C. We present a thermodynamic model that describes the observed behavior. Our results would support the development of large-scale geo-storage technologies for hydrogen.



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