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Edith Cowan University

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Perth, Western Australia


Cooper, T., Bessant, J., Broadbent, R., Couch, J., Edwards, K., Jarvis, J., & Ferguson, C. (2014). Australian youth work education: Curriculum renewal and a model for sustainability for niche professions. Perth, Australia: Edith Cowan University. Original article available here


The four main purposes of this project were to:

• Renew the curriculum for Australian youth work professional education, applying the approach to curriculum outlined by Barnett and Coate (2005)

• Investigate the potential for cross-institutional sharing of courseware and educational materials that will facilitate future benchmarking, inter-sectoral and inter-professional pathways, and international qualification recognition

• Promote long-term change through the establishment of a cross-sectoral youth work educators network

• Suggest starting points for a sustainability model for other niche professions.

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