Financial literacy and playing intention of financial literacy digital game

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Journal Article


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School of Business & Law


Originally published as: Widyastuti, U., & Suhud, U. (2017). Financial literacy and playing intention of findancial literacy digital game. International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, 15(19), 315-326.


This study aims to measure the impact of financial literacy, perceived ease of play (PEOP), and learning opportunity on intention to play a financial literacy digital game. In total, 219 university students in Jakarta and around participated an online survey. Almost 60% of them had experienced playing a digital and/or online game. However, none of them indicated that they had played a financial literacy video/ digital/online game. Data was analysed using exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, as well as structural equation model for testing the hypotheses. As a result, this study advises that intention of university students to play financial literacy digital game is significantly influenced by perceived ease of use, financial literacy, and learning opportunity. Other findings show that financial literacy can lead to affect perceived ease of play and learning opportunity. Recommendation for future study and practitioners are discussed

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