TAP to TAP2: Research report 2017

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Ebb & Flow: Research catalogue of the sixth annual Teacher As Practitioner


University of Melbourne: Graduate School of Education


School of Education / Edith Cowan Institute for Education Research




Morris, J., Imms, W., Toscano, M., & Coleman, K. (2017). TAP to TAP2: Research report 2017. In Imms, W., Coleman, K., Healy, S., & Toscano, M. (Eds). Ebb & Flow: Research catalogue of the sixth annual Teacher As Practitioner. University of Melbourne: Graduate School of Education.


The University of Melbourne initiated ‘teacher as art maker project’ continues to grow and develop its body of knowledge through an expansion of its participant groups that now includes Science Education graduates, and the asset of a growing team of researchers who are bringing a sophisticated praxis-focus to the project. This research report signals the beginning of a more holistic approach to TAP; while it remains focused on statistical analyses, it lays the foundation for an exciting mixed-method approach in future years. This paper reports year seven data, analysed against longitudinal trends existing in the established TAP data set. As in previous years, the results continue to defy any clear-cut difference between the practitioners’ self-allocated ‘identities’, and also between the TAP and the Control groups. It does, however, suggest emerging trends regarding the resilience of the ‘teacher-as-practitioner’ group, and indications that the TAP exhibition group has greater incidence of retention in teaching, and higher perceptions of quality of teaching. This continues findings from previous years, it proves this phenomenon is a complex one that will most likely never give definitive ‘differences’ between the groups, and it suggests that quality understanding of the teacher as a practitioner will come from understandings established through quality mixed-method analyses.

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