Ebb & flow: Teacher as practitioner exhibitions

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Curated Exhibition


University of Melbourne, Graduate School of Education


School of Education / Edith Cowan Institute for Education Research




University of Melbourne Exhibition

Fusco, D., & Coleman K. (Curators). (2017). Ebb & flow: Teacher as practitioner exhbition. studioFive, Kwong Lee Dow Building, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.

Edith Cowan University Exhibition

Braddock, J., & Morris, J. (Curators). (2017). Ebb & flow: Teacher as practitioner exhbition. Heathcote Art Gallery, Applecross, Australia.


The 2017 TAP exhibition is an amalgamation of creative works by science and art practitioners, exploring the idea of ebb and flow. In its literal sense, this term refers to recurrent patterns of coming and going, decline and regrowth. In many ways one’s practice as a teacher, an artist, a scientist, or a combination of all of these things, brings with it a sense of push and pull as one strives to maintain one’s own private practice in partnership with quality teaching; each necessary for the enrichment of the other. As artists and scientists may simultaneously identify as students and teachers, as well as innovators and inventors, they traverse many different ‘worlds’ within their daily life. The exhibition aims to explore this through the notion of ebb and flow as reflective of one’s sense of self within a contemporary, multi-layered life. The works contributed showcase the product of creative and/or scientific practices, the coming and goings of inspiration, and the process of learning to identify as a ‘practitioner’ within all the complexities of the term...

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